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Mashle magic and muscles – chapter 121 [leaked online] check out the latest chapters

Must read

The plot

A Japanese manga series illustrated by Hajime Komoto. It has 12 volumes. It was launched in 2020. And the series adaptation will be in 2023.

The story surrounded with magical powers. Can muscles crush magic. This theory is fully retrospected here. It is mystical and adventurous.

Till time 11 volumes have been released.  The 119 chapter is launched recently. Since then the next chapter is awaited.

Our hero Mash burnedead is different. He is born without even a pinch of magic. He has a blunt persona. As he leads a good life with his adopted father Rego.

He needs to go to Eston magic academy. Somehow he manages to get in. But he is physically able. And takes a grunch to prove muscles can beat magic.

The characters

Mash burnedead the protagonist. Lance crown mash’s rival.Dot barret self declared rival. Rayne ammes friend of mash. Finn ames brother of rayne. Also roommate of mash.

These are some interesting characters. With different nature. Quite contrasting though. There is fight and drama.

With all magical powers to show.  How turning of events shape characters. Will mash be successful to achieve his target.

Chapter 121

The final arc is confirmed by creators. 12 th volume is upcoming. It is to be released on 21 August 2022. That too available in multiple languages.

We saw in last chapter the ammes cousins. Rayne was in a fight with lord delisa. In which finn tries to help him.

They were to show their abilities. And it will decide their future. Mash is also needed to clear hindrances.

Alongside these they all need to prove themselves. Some chapters have released recently. Belonging to the 11 th volume.

Burnedead embarks a journey of divine visionary. Identifies his strengths. Commutes with his peaceful existence.

This will show what happens further. Will the brothers win against lords. Are they powerful enough together. And everything fans are waiting for.

Where you can find it

Available on manga plus officially.  Also on various sites. Widely available on reddit manga. Its available world wide. On sites in America England and Canada.

Fans are also waiting for its end. Soon after the end makers will run series. Mostly by 2023 it will be on air.

Lastly it is reviewed best by audiences. It seems to be liked by readers. Its been looking forward to be an anime.



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