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One Punch Man Chapter 169- ‘Daybreak’ Spoilers, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know.

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The lengthy Monsters Association narrative has come to an end with the release of One Punch Man Chapter 169, Daybreak. Garou has been put to rest after more than 90 chapters of operation. Fans, however, are unsure if the “Hero Hunter” will survive.

Murata modified ONE’s webtoon by adding his creative touches and his heavenly illustrations. Without a question, the ongoing manga has significantly outperformed its source material. This has made the subsequent combat between Saitama, the main character, and Garou into something truly epic.

But as with everything else, Saitama ended the memorable match by decisively defeating Garou. Let’s dissect what happened in One Punch Man Chapter 169 and go over the highlights.

The legendary fight between the powerful Saitama and the guy who attained a level unlike anyone else, Garou, was resolved in the most recent issue, One Punch Man Chapter 169. While the latter did succeed in becoming the toughest opponent Saitama has encountered so far, his abilities still lagged well below those of the main character.

Before discovering that Saitama’s strength was simply growing exponentially the harder he was pushed, Garou initially seemed to match the hero’s strength. The hero hunter was left in a condition of total anguish after his defeat.

Genos was given a core by Saitama that allowed him to travel through time and space to access its memories. At this point, Saitama’s apprentice also provided additional evidence that the hero had faced and defeated Garou in the past and that there was no alternate reality in which Saitama could have been defeated by the anti-hero.

Saitama traveled through time and space to avert the worst-case scenario—the execution of all the heroes by Garou. Even with God interfering, the main character was able to use divine abilities and pull off amazing acts like destroying Jupiter with a sneeze or returning from space by farting.

One Punch Man Chapter 169: The end of Garou

According to One Punch Man Chapter 169, Saitama’s abilities and potential will only increase with time and new experiences. Genos insisted that Saitama was the only hero who could have defeated the monster Garou and promised to spread the message as his disciple, even though Saitama didn’t seem to recall much of the incident.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 shows the remaining heroes ganging up on Garou, who was left entirely torn. They began to beat him ruthlessly because of the anti-previous hero’s actions. The little boy Tareo stood up to defend Garou even though the majority supported his execution.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 uses Taro’s appearance as a metaphor to show how even heroes can occasionally descend to cruelty. The young boy described how the heroic hunter had often saved his life.

King, the world’s greatest hero, noticed it and recognized that Garou was the “uncle” Taro had been referring to all along. He intimidated all of the heroes by using his Maximum Output, which put a halt to the brutal beating. Saitama thanked Garou for saving Genos and King’s life after Silver Fang advised his student to atone for his actions, which provided a window of opportunity for him to flee.

The New Beginning Of Heroes. 

Saitama was reassured that the hero hunter will now be alright, even though the heroes seemed alarmed by this development. The conclusion of One Punch Man Chapter 169 came with Metal Knight’s appearance, who revealed that all of the heroes there were suffering from acute nuclear radiation poisoning and had to submit to tests. Genos’ damaged body was carried by Saitama as she brought him back for repair.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 169 Review

Garou was thus depicted in One Punch Man Chapter 169 as still being alive, and only time will tell whether he will carry on in his current direction or change.

On the other hand, due to Saitama’s boundless capacity for expansion, fans are now certain that the powerful God will one day confront him. In the One Punch Man manga up to this point, this was undoubtedly one of the longest and most entertaining arcs.

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