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One Punch Man Chapter 170-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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A well-known manga and animation from the twenty-first century are called One Punch Man. The artwork and character designs are superb, and the action scenes are among the most visually stunning ever made. One Punch Man Chapter 170’s release has been eagerly awaited by the great majority of fans.


Our sources indicate that the first or last Saturday of each month is frequently when new chapters are issued. On October 26, 2022, One Punch Man Chapter 170 will be published.


The first two fallen heroes that Garou encounters are Waganma and Child Emperor, who collapses with bleeding noses and are bald, as noticed by Zombieman. Bang notices Garou’s movements and believes that his former pupil is planning something bad. He informs the S-Class that, as he had anticipated, Garou is being held captive. The S-Class then demands that “something” free Garou.

Blast teleports to the Hero Hunter and agrees with Silver Fang when the Hero Hunter clarifies that he is only acting on his initiative. When Garou inquires about who he is, Blast quickly introduces himself and warns that God is in charge of him. When the hero says that he was given “divine power” and that each attack he unleashes on the globe threatens the life of all living things, Bang and Garou are both in disbelief and question him if this is consistent with their true intentions.


His skills have their roots in Saitama. Saitama has rigorously followed his exercise regimen for several years, but based on the nature of his workouts, some may claim that he hardly engages in any more physical activity than the weaker people around him.

When Genos detailed it to him and explained how it worked, Genos could not believe that such a regimen would create anything other than mediocre outcomes or barely maintain a body’s maintenance level of strength and endurance, for example.

Geno’s response is understandable given that Saitama claims to only complete 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running. Saitama is not even close to a gym dude program at this point if all of these activities are carried out without the use of weights.


Readers can expect humorous parts in addition to the intense fight situations. Everything about the characters is amusing, from their names to the thoughts Saitama has to himself when he fights a monster.

The Manga is filled with nonstop action. Being so forceful may give the impression that Saitama has no plot, yet it is part of its appeal. Each foe puts Saitama up against a different kind of obstacle.

Saitama, although being thus powerful, is viewed as a low-ranked hero in the Hero Association, contrary to how every other manga out there depicts the Hero as being revered by everyone.

The Manga’s outstanding artwork further captivates readers of this comic strip.

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