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Overlord season 4 Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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In “Overlord IV” or “Overlord” season 4’s third episode, “Baharuth Empire,” the Cardinals gather in secret inside the Slain Theocracy and debate about the pressing political issues, including the ominous ascension of Momonga to power. They talk about the state of the Sorcerer Kingdom amid his leadership and brainstorm ways in which they can end it. Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix of the Baharuth Empire, meantime, is greatly worried about the future and is worried by Momonga’s merciless approach to politics.

Recap of Episode 3 of Season 4:

episode 3

Momonga and Albedo have a quick chat before Momonga departs for a diplomatic meeting with the prince of the Re-Estize Kingdom. He sends her well wishes and expresses confidence in the accomplishment of her mission because of the small contingent of undead she is accompanied by, which is sure to strike dread into Re-army. Estize’s Albedo is also urged to take care of herself by Momonga. Even if she is immune to sickness, there is a chance that she could come into direct contact with some foreign germs that could harm her health.

Albedo resolves to take advantage of Momonga’s concern for her well-being since she is ecstatic about it. She contends that a kiss is beneficial for immunity. Momonga understands what she is trying to communicate, but instead of saying anything further, she merely offers Albedo a peck on the cheek without realizing that he was going to ignore her request. He asks his maid as if nothing ever occurred when she leaves, feeling uncomfortable over the entire situation.

Cardinals have gathered in the Slain Theocracy to talk about Momonga’s unparalleled ascent to power and the danger of letting an undead army control an entire kingdom while this is happening.

They are aware that confronting Momonga would be extremely risky due to his immense might. The capital of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s death knights had been certified by the thousand leagues astrologer. Two God-kin can defeat a whole army by themselves, even though it is practically not possible for an individual to defeat a death knight.

episode 3

The thousand leagues astrologer, regrettably, has retired into solitude as a result of her profound despondency about the expanding undead army. She has seen a force that even God-Kun, it seems, cannot subdue, which says a lot about the evil powers that are currently pursuing them. They contend that the Sorcerer King was probably responsible for destroying the Sunlit text.

How does the episode conclude?

El-Nix finally perceives some possibility of protecting himself against Momonga’s evil forces that have instilled terror in the elites when he learns that the Slain Theocracy is likewise aware of the risks represented by the Sorcerer Kingdom. To stand a chance against the powerful Sorcerer Kingdom, he intends to ally with the Theocracy. He starts preparing to greet the merchants they have sent.
El-Nix receives a request from the Theocracy, and when Momonga turns up at the Colosseum to upset the merchants, they instantly leave. Momonga intervenes by showing there at the wrong time just before Theocracy and Baharuth Empire are about to start talking. It is a brilliant approach since it will undoubtedly plant the germ of suspicion between the two Kingdoms.

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