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Phantom Of Idol Season 1 – Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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A 2021 announcement on the anime adaptation of the Japanese manga series Phantom of the Idol by Studio Gokumi was made. The release date for the anime adaptation of the manga series Phantom of the Idol, which has been in development for almost a year, is now known.


The anime adaptation of the manga series Phantom of the Idol will follow the same storyline, centering on the character Yuuya, a member of a Japanese pop duo.

Additionally, his companion always delivers 110% throughout every performance while he is known as the laziest singer in the Japanese music industry. Fans despise him for his attitude, his music career is on the verge of ending, and his managers are seeking any excuse to cut him off.

And one day, following a pointless performance, Yuuya encounters a girl backstage who is hoping for one more opportunity to play and showcase her skill; however, it turns out that the girl is the spirit of a singer who tragically passed away.


Studio Gokumi will eventually produce the anime adaptation of the comic manga series Phantom of the Idol. People hope that any anime adaptation of a manga series would do the series justice and that every Arc will be faithfully depicted.

Additionally, the manga series Phantom of the Idol has a lot of potentials. When Phantom of the Idol is animated, people will appreciate it even more than the manga series because it is packed with humor and fun.


Since the first five volumes of the Phantom of the Idol manga series are currently available to read, many eager viewers who are anticipating what will happen in the Phantom of the Idol anime series and hunting for spoilers can read the manga series.


The Phantom of the Idol series features the following characters and their cast:

Fumiya Imai, Asahi Mogami, Kazuki Yoshino, Shun Horie, Hitomi Shinano, and Eri Kitamura will provide the voices for Yuya Niyodo, Nao Toyama, and Hitomi Shinano, respectively.


The number of episodes in the upcoming season of the Japanese anime series “Phantom Of The Idol” is something that fans are eager to learn. The future of the well-known Japanese anime series Phantom Of The Idol has been the subject of numerous rumors. There are a total of 13 episodes.


For a show to succeed, a lot of work must be put into it. Which is more or less what this show does. Most importantly, it’s interesting and occasionally funny. It has a unique spin that makes it pleasant in its own right and will make it stick out more and more. It makes me think of a blend of Budoukan, Idoly Pride, and its charm. Which can only be advantageous.

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