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Please go home Akutsu-san Chapter 116 Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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Please go home Akutsu-san!

Kaette Kudasai! Akutsu-san or Please go home Akutsu-san, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tachi Nagaoka, has been serialized since July 2019 and since then racked up 5 volumes, which is quite impressive.
The story revolves around Akutsu-san a delinquent who decided to treat a classmate’s house as her own and refuses to leave. The premise although seems quite funny and simple and has gained a massive amount of fans and love, it follows the genre of romantic comedy.


Chapter 116 Released?

The last release date of Please Go Home Akutu-san was August 5th, 2022, and the chapter will be available in the next two days! Fans have been eager to know the premise and future of the series and what will happen next. The series will be available on Kodanshu’s official website or other internet sources.

Fan Reactions?

Although many fans have showered the manga with love and great support, some fans are a little iffy about how short the chapters seem to be. Many spoilers have been leaked online for those who haven’t caught up to the most recent release on 5th August 2022, especially on platforms like Reddit and many more, it is advised to the fans to be aware of what is leaked and to avoid it to their best. Other than that, the series has received and been voted with a good 8.5/10, the premise although seems quite simple yet interesting and this is one of the reasons that has fans hooked to their screen to read the manga every week!

The fans have lauded this series as a great start for beginners and even as a comfort read for those who wish to read something lightweight that doesn’t deal with a lot of heavy terms and ideas.
Therefore the manga is a light read with a good premise and it will keep one occupied for its entirety!
Please Go Home Akutsu-San is rated 13 and above due to certain graphic pictures and scenes in the manga, therefore please be aware when it comes to the same, as the series is coming to an end with only 11 more chapters to go, fans have been waiting for any more further announcement’s that can affect the story or a new franchise being developed now that one avenue is reduced, fans although may have high expectations, it stems from a place of love and adoration that they have for the manga and the author. Keeping those few points in mind, fans have enjoyed and are enjoying the experience of both the show and manga and continue to recommend people to do so!

All the best for avoiding spoilers and happy reading!

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