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PPPPP Chapter 46 freshly brewed updates of the manga

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The preview

It is a beautiful musical Manga series in Japanese return and illustrated by Mapollo 3. The Manga has full license to be interpreted in English and to be released all over the world through internet media. It has three volumes and it is running from September 17, 2021, till the present date. Lucky Otogami is a child who is passionate about playing piano but after his parent’s divorced he was the only one who was left with his mother and among his six siblings they all were with his father. They all were pianists and lucky to be a post to live an abusive life after their mother fell into a coma. This little child goes through a lot of things as he discovered that his father didn’t love him much because he was the only one who he left for his mother. It was not easy for him to live like this because already her mom struggled a lot and was suffering from some diseases because which she was in a coma and she had a heart-felt wish for him that he should become a pianist and should perform on one stage with all of his siblings. Eventually turning of events leads to a disaster of him losing his mother and then he decides to train himself to become a professional pianist just like his father. And one day he might perform with all of his other siblings on one stage.

This Manga was first announced by shonen Manga in the weekly shonen jump magazine. And since then it is a part of this group and keeps on updating its upcoming chapters online via Internet media.

The cast

  • Lucky
  • Hideo
  • Sonoda
  • Meloli
  • Gakuon
  • Mimin
  • Sorachika

The chapter 46

It was just a year that the popular Manga series was released and it was gaining as much popularity as any top-class Manga series. It was loved by all the pan and was eagerly awaited by them for the upcoming chapters. As the last chapter was released on 20th August, it was reviewed excitingly by the fans. It will be released on August 28, 2022.

As his mother dies keeping a dream in her heart that she wants lucky to become a pianist and after her death, lucky decides to become a professional pianist and play in a choir with his other siblings. His father Kuon is a very famous pianist and has historic excellence in this art he loved all his children except lucky. Show the story then revolves around the beautiful rhythm of the following tale that lucky goes through. The Manga will be available for the readers on the Internet in Japanese as well as English illustrations.

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