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Redo of healer season 2-Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

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Redo of Healers, is also known as Kaiyari. Its first season was released with 12 episodes. It has been written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, and Rui Tsukiyo and directed by Takuya Asaoka. It has been adapted by a light novel of the same name. This anime is an underrated animation of the Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genre.

What is the storyline of Redo of the healer?

Healers are unable to engage in combat on their own. Keyaru’s extensive knowledge allowed him to take advantage of others on several occasions. He noticed what would be beyond restorative magic and knew that a restorative wizard was the greatest class. He had already suffered almost complete loss by the time he knew his actual ability. He decided to use healing magic to undo everything and start again four years ago. It’s a story of a healer magician who used the knowledge from his previous life and curing magic to develop into the strongest.

season 2

The main character Keluarga understands that he began caring for his girls after Redo of Healer Season 1, but he still thinks that he won’t be able to experience complete peace until he exacts revenge on Bullet.

The first season’s cliffhanger finale left the audience eagerly anticipating the second, which will premiere in late 2022. And in season 2, we’ll see how Keyarga exacts revenge on all of his enemies for torturing and abusing him.

What is the plot for Season 2?

Popular dark fantasy anime, Redo of Healer, focuses on keyaru, the protagonist, who possesses magical healing talents and as a result, is subjected to sexual abuse and torture by the other characters.

He later chooses to exact revenge on those who mistreated him after recognizing his abilities.

In the final scene of season 1, Keyarga discovers that he began feeling for family girls, but he still thinks that he won’t be able to experience genuine peace until he exacts his retribution on Bullet.

We will therefore be watching how Keyarga exacts revenge on Bullet in season 2 of Redo the healer as well as what other thrilling developments take place in Keyarga’s life.

season 2

Manga Chapters adapted for season 2:

It has been officially announced that Redo of Healer season 2 would cover every Arc and all manga chapters. We must hold off until official announcements are made. When the animation studio releases all the necessary information for Healer: Redux season 2,

What is the release date of season 2 of a redo of healers?

Season 2 of Redo of Healer has not yet received an official release date. But the release of Redo the Healer Season 2 is scheduled for the end of 2022.
There are 12 episodes in Redo of Healer’s first season. Therefore, season 2 of Redo of Healer can be anticipated to have at least 12 episodes or more.
Redo Of Healer Season 2’s official trailer is still pending. It appears that its publication is imminent.

Ratings of the show:

It will tell the tale of the young man who is seeking retribution from those who wronged him and sexually assaulted him. The show has an IMDb rating of 6.5/10, a myanimelist.net rating of 6.3/10, and a rating graph rating of 6.9/10.

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