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Seraph of the End Chapter 122–Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Any Dark Fantasy Manga series will leave you feeling a range of unsettling emotions. They are well-liked and widely read by a wide range of readers across all reader groups.

Due to its compelling plot, Seraph of the End, a superb dark fantasy manga, has garnered a lot of followers. Please read this article from beginning to end if you want to learn more about the popular manga Seraph of the End.


After the thrilling climax of Seraph of the End’s final chapter, many readers were left speculating about what might occur next. Readers of Seraph of the End are now eagerly anticipating the release of chapter 122 after finishing chapter 121.

The manga series Seraph of the End has revealed the date and time of chapter 120’s release, which will be available to read beginning on August 14th, 2022, to reassure their audience.


Su Yi moved to the north of the area, trailing behind the timid Olivia. He will solely utilize this as a cafeteria. It can, of course, accommodate a variety of soldiers. Being 100 squares in size and rising hundreds of meters above the earth, this is unquestionably big enough. Can you cook, Nanzi? Inks!

When the lord terminal suddenly rang, Su Yi gave the order for them to keep eating. He was taken aback, and it seems that moving in the future, he will focus more on meals. Inkes and Inkeli couldn’t handle the food from gods and fairies because they were nuns and lacked experience in the kitchen.


Because the moon goddess is Princess Moon’s mother, Su Yi has always considered her to be older. Jiang Li wanted to strike Su Yi with that kind of blow, but he refrained out of fear that he may break his hand. Lu Bai shook his head, “These people are too strong; I can’t wait for 15 minutes.” Su Yi put on the [Evening Throne’s Face] and adopted the appearance of the evil ghost skeleton mask before moving into the boundless sky’s ring. He informed the referee in silence.

Ring No. 9, eliminated! ”. As the two tumbled from the ring, the barrier erased their passionate emotions. The elderly man gazed at him and furiously blew his beard. Someone with the same silver hair, same frigid voice, and squirting is guarding the Human Invincible zone. On the table, was a tan bow.

Like…too TM like!”. You also asserted that you are not a nightmare! I’m not! I’m not! “That was my disciple who found it by accident, and my quest has been unproductive lately,” the elderly man in black said. “Guiyi, look at the Immortal Martial Arts Association. Can you make out what’s happening? ”.


The Seraph of the End manga series should not be read from any illegal websites, according to our advice. If you wish to read the series, all of the Seraph of the End manga chapters are available online on VIZ. For those who prefer to read paper editions, all 23 volumes of the Seraph of the End manga are also offered on Amazon and Flipkart.

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