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Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3-Spoilers, Recap and Everything You Need to Know.

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Many fans found Shinmai Maou no Testament to be a fun ecchi anime. Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 is still in high demand years after its previous release. The sequel’s renewal has not yet been announced by Production IMS. Will it come back again? What will the topic be? So, without further ado, here are all the answers to your burning queries.

The light novel series Testament Of Sister New Devil, also known as Shinmai Maou no Testament, was created by Tetsuto Uesu and illustrated by Nekosuke Kuma. Since the start of the serialization in 2012, a total of twelve volumes have been released by Kadokawa Shoten. The LN series was quickly taken up for two manga and an anime adaptation due to its popularity. Following an OVA episode in June of that year, the animation made its premiere in January of 2015. The next year, in October 2015, a second episode of the show along with two additional OVA episodes were published by Production IMS.


Production The ecchi themes in IMS’s harem anime are a big part of why it has such a large fan base. Despite the show’s poor reviews from critics, the producers were still able to make money off of it. Because of the plot’s resemblance to Highschool DxD, viewers frequently compare it to that show, which led to a lot of criticism. However, after their initial releases, both seasons and OVA episodes managed to grow in popularity. As a result, there was a rise in interest in Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3.

The renewal hasn’t yet been announced by Production IMS or any other organizations involved in the show’s production. That, however, does not prove that the show has been canceled. However, the anime’s original material poses one of the biggest risks to its future. The twelfth volume of the Shinmai Maou no Testament light novel series, which was released in April 2018, marked the series’ conclusion.

Author Tetsuto Uesu has not added any new chapters to the original light novel since that time. The major plot of the LN series was also finished in the last volume. The anime version of the source material no longer has any content to advertise. Adaptations frequently serve as advertisements for the original works they are based on. Sadly, Season 3 of Testament Of Sister New Devil lacks a reason to continue. The upcoming season may, however, be able to survive on its own given the popularity of the program.


The protagonist of the well-known anime series is a high school student named Toujo Basara. Mio and Maria Naruse, two charming stepsisters, are adopted by their father after his second marriage. Basara discovers that his sisters are not human, but rather demons.

The third season of Testament of Sister New Devil reveals that Basara is Mio and Maria’s cousin. Additionally, Basara learns that the previous Demon King, Mio’s father, was still alive. The new season appears to contain a lot more ecchi material than the earlier episodes.


Production It is currently difficult to forecast a release date for Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 because IMS has not yet renewed the season. Even if the go-ahead is given this year, it might take a year to produce the sequel. Currently, a mid to late 2022 release date appears to be the most plausible.

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