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The Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious Recap, Release date, Time, and Many More Information 

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The Maid I Recently Hired: Mysterious Episode 1 premieres this week. The anime’s first episode has fans anticipating it with excitement. Yuuri’s excessive curiosity and Lilith’s kind disposition are complementary in a lovely way. Lilith is suspected by more people than only Yuuri. The paper explains the basis behind this suspicion. Let’s first talk about the origin of the manga before moving on to the following topic.

The original creator and illustrator of the manga in question are Wakame Konbu. This manga was released by Square Enix in its Monthly Gangan Joker Magazine. On January 22, 2020, the manga’s serialization got underway. There are five volumes that make up the complete manga series. An animated version of the manga is also available. The anime is being made by Silver Link Studios and Blade. Let’s move on to the information regarding the anime’s first episode.

Premiere date of episode 1. 

The Maid I Hired: Season 1 Episode 1 On July 24, 2022, regional television stations will broadcast Recently is Mysterious. Episode 1 of the anime will be shown on Crunchyroll to its global audience.

The main story of anime.

The main character of the anime is a youngster named Yuuri, who resides in a mansion with his parents. His parents pass away while he is a young boy. All of the house servants were compelled to quit due to financial issues. There was nobody available to look after Yuuri, so he was left alone. A maid unexpectedly approaches Yuuri. She introduces herself as Lilith and offers to help Yuuri. Despite feeling a little uneasy, Yuuri accepts her offer. Lilith is hired by Yuuri to aid her.

Yuuri has a suspicion that Lilith might be willing to perform free labor for a single boy. He thinks Lilith is a part of a broader scheme to assassinate him and seize his mansion. Yuuri is constantly on the lookout for Lilith’s daily activities. Yuuri is also warier because Lilith already knows what he wants and doesn’t need Yuuri to say anything. Yuuri becomes perplexed and finds it difficult to accept Lilith’s unexpected display of affection.

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious release date confirmed by trailer PV 2

Episode 1 of Maid I Recently Hired Is Mysterious. 

The maid I recently hired is mysterious’s first episode will center on Yuuri’s upbringing and the passing of her parents. Lilith will be shown in the first episode. A cliffhanger that will tie the anime’s narrative to the second episode is Lilith’s entrance. The first episode will be used by the creators to build an emotional bond between Yuuri and the viewers. Yuuri will be able to relate to her character better as a result of her early experiences.

Yuuri’s parents pass away in the first episode, which also reveals her financial struggles. When all the servants vacate the home due to a lack of pay and Yuuri’s loneliness, he will be reunited with his fans. The story will move more quickly in the following episodes thanks to fans getting a sight of Lilith as well.

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