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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265-Recap, release date, time, and many more information 

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One of the most eagerly anticipated developments in the plot is the forthcoming episode of Tokyo Revengers. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265, Mikey’s power issue will finally come to a resolution. And now, a man other than Kisaki can pull this off. Following a lengthy scene depicting the creation of the Tokyo Manji gang, Mikey’s true aspirations were shown in the main displays. It was clear that he wanted to use his gang’s strength to conquer the entire world.

Fans will be able to witness what Kasaki has to say about Mikey in the upcoming plot. The conflict between these will resume soon enough. It will be interesting to find out why Mikey is so rigid about submitting to circumstances.


The final chapter was an exciting adventure that saw the return of another familiar person. It’s possible that viewers won’t be able to watch Mikey’s earlier segments any longer. The altercation between Takemichi and Mikey will now proceed with new developments. Kisaki is the fresh face who is about to rule the entire establishment. Since the first act, the boy has only played a supporting role in the narrative.

He will therefore reveal everything he knows about Mikey’s past in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265. Mikey was able to seize control of the entire city of Tokyo after the founding of the Tokyo Manji gang. But now he wants to conquer the entire planet. Even though this is a lofty goal, Mikey has the motivation to make it happen.


The beginning of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 264 revealed Mikey’s character throughout his time in school. Draken visited Mikey’s home for the first time during this particular occurrence. Only after meeting Senju did he learn that Mikey was on his way. He did this by introducing Baji, who was also his sworn brother, to Mikey. The chapter then went on to individually introduce each gang member.

Baji, Mitsuya, Kazutora, and Pah-chin were among them. To become the Tokyo Manji gang, they all banded together. They were all having a great time together. But for these guys, fate had a very another plan in mind. In a heist, Baji’s brother perished. The boys decided they would establish themselves as the most powerful gang in the city as a result of this dramatic incident.


The revelations about Mikey’s past shed a lot of light on the reasons behind his behavior. However, Takemichi still has a role to play in rescuing the people he cares about. As a result, this week’s release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 will be uninterrupted. The chapter will be released in its entirety on August 10, 2022.

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