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Volcanic Age Chapter 216-Is Joo Seo Cheon Dead? check out the latest details now

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Finally, after enduring the dangerous days described in Volcanic Age Chapter 216, Joo Seo Cheon and Tang Hye will return to their kin. Tang Hye will feel relieved after coping with the numerous blood toxins. She made an effort to safeguard her sister Nak and assisted her in fortifying her form. But regrettably, the poison had spread throughout her body. Thankfully, Joo Seo used the beat of a spider to detoxify their bodies. Let’s now wait and see how the next chapter develops.

Joo Seo will now grab items from the human-faced spider in chapter 216. They’ll travel to their hometown. Sword Pheonix will reveal the wrongdoing committed by Bear First in the interim. She will demonstrate her innocence, and the situation will begin to cool down.

Volcanic Age Chapter 216: What Going To Happen Next?

Sword Phoenix will appear in the next chapter with a bare fist. The guards will inquire about what transpired after being startled to discover him in such a precarious position. She will therefore lay out the complete account of how Bear Fist betrayed them and worked to aid their enemies. Each sneak attack has also been carried out by Bear First. Tang Hye will now choose the penalty they want to impose on Bear Fist.

Joo Seo will use some of the human-shaped spider’s webs to create a weapon in the meantime. Joo Seo, Tang Hye, and Sword Pheonix will return to the Tang Clan with their troops after gathering his poison and webs. Joo asks them not to enter the forest and promises to inform his people about the enigmatic creature. The emperor will utilize poison to create medicine for his subjects while Joo Seo studies the internet. He will inform his master of the circumstance in a letter.

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Recap Of  Chapter 215. 

Joo Seo Cheon had previously sat down with her sister Nak and her older sister in Volcanic Age Chapter 215. To get rid of the lethal poison, he employed the “thousand poison” emerald orb technique. It soon gained access to the governor’s vessel and assisted in the removal of the poison. Later, Joo Seo assisted Nak in following his path, enabling her to escape the poison and finish the evolutionary realm. She was OK now that the several blood poisons had subsided.

She quickly regained consciousness, grabbed Joo Seo’s hand, and expressed gratitude for his assistance. He risked his life to save their lives, so to speak. Despite this, Tang Hye refused to thank him and claimed that if it weren’t for her deficiencies, she could have completed the evolutionary realm. Between them, Joo sensed tension. After a contentious exchange with her, he gave the order for their army to protect him before approaching the spider with a human shape and requesting that he give him his venom. He benefited from an increase in immunity.

Release Date Of Chapter 216. 

On August 6, 2022, Volcanic Age Chapter 216 will air. It will be accessible on the Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao official pages. Finally, knowledge of Bear Fist’s treachery will reach everyone, and Sword Pheonix will discover a method to defend herself. Remain tuned. You’ll receive updates from The Anime Daily.

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