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Uncle From Another World episode 3 -Want to know what happened after shopping day? Watch the latest episodes

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A comic and adventure anime by the name of Uncle From Another World, or Isekai Ojisan in its original Japanese, is based on a manga by Shindeiru Hotondo that was serialized in Web Comic Apanta. The show is being created by the AtelierPontdarc company and will mark its entry into the anime genre.

Shigeki, who has previously worked on the creation of various anime, such as Darling in the Franxx and Blue Exorcist, is in charge of directing the show; yet, this is also his first attempt at directing an anime. Isekai Ojisan Episode 3 and Isekai Uncle Episode 3 are alternate names for the episode.

Summary of Episode 3:


The program featured a wide range of subjects, including Uncle’s account of his time spent in another universe and his revelation of a new power on Earth. Takafumi saw her childhood friend Fujiyima in their flat with another girl when she returned from shopping at the beginning of the episode. The past 75 minutes and what transpired during that period are reviewed for us.
An email was received by Uncle, from YouTube Partners which informed him that all YouTubers with less than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of total viewing time would have their channels terminated. Therefore, Uncle and Takafumi have just one day to raise those figures, or else their YouTube careers will be over. Their channel has a relatively small number of subscribers, and Takafumi discovers why.
Uncle gets into a frenzy every time a subscriber says that what Uncle has been demonstrating in the videos isn’t magic, which explains why. Uncle then recalls a tale of a sealed town whose seal was broken, allowing 1,000 mythical beasts to enter and cause havoc. Uncle was thinking about his past at the time. In that tale, the Golden-Haired Girl, who has been pursuing Uncle since Episode 1, also reappeared.


We see that Uncle broke the seal to see if it worked or not, but before the Golden-Haired Elf could rescue the villagers, he put it back up. He then hurries off after the Golden-Haired Elf asks him to accompany him to dinner as a sign of thanks, which caused Takafumi to facepalm severely.

After recalling that particular incident, Uncle respectfully requests that viewers subscribe to his channel, which sends Takafumi into a tailspin because he perceives this as a sign of dependence and weakness. Nevertheless, the channel eventually succeeds and reaches the milestone of 1000 subscribers.

Recap of the previous episode:

Since she is into Takafumi, Fujimiya does not enjoy Uncle staying with him anymore, but Uncle likes her and is aware of her feelings. After Takafumi leaves to make a purchase, Uncle urges Fujimiya to confide in him. When he is rebuffed, Fujimiya returns to his room in grief and emerges as a girl—one who is exceptionally attractive—who introduces herself as Takafumi’s aunt.

At least Uncle attempts to conceal his true identity, but he is exposed when Takafumi plays a game of self-deprecating SEGA trivia. They decide to record a video of him playing the game for his YouTube video, which ends up receiving more than 200,000 views, but it also enlightens his uncle about the demographic of his viewership.

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