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When will Ayumu make his move Season 2-Recap, Release date, Time, and Many More Information 

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Souichirou Yamamoto wrote the script for the original Japanese animation When Will Ayumu Make His Move, while Mirai Minato oversaw the production. It is based on the slice-of-life and comedic genres. Since the first episode of season one isn’t scheduled to air until July 8, 2022, on the TBS, BS-TBS network, we don’t yet know how many episodes there will be in season one. Here is what we currently know on the air date for Ayumu Make His Move Season 2.


Ayumu Tanaka, a first-year secondary school understudy, falls in love with Urushi Yaotome, his second-year senpai, in this most recent anime series. Both are necessary for the school shogi club, and after defeating Urushi Yaotome in a game of shogi, Ayumu Tanaka decides to confess his feelings to her. Urushi Yaotome is unreasonably far ahead in the game in any situation. Ayumu Tanaka, though, is just getting started. Meanwhile, Urushi Yaotome frequently convinces Ayumu Tanaka, his inferior, to agree with him.

Only after season one is over can we anticipate hearing anything about When Will Ayumu Make His Move’s renewal. Currently, there is no official confirmation of season two.


Ayumu Tanaka, a first-year student, abruptly leaves the Kendo Club to join the misguided Shogi Club. The club’s head and shogi master, Urushi Yaotome, is delighted to finally have a playing partner. As Ayumu’s senior, Urushi strives to provide a good example for his understudy in shogi. She eventually ends up flushing with shame over and over again! Ayumu is fair and stone-faced, and she has no problem calling Urushi “Charming.”

Even though Ayumu likes her, he refuses to confess it and vows to initially defeat her in a game of shogi. The two students have a lot of adorable and humorous activities related to school and shogi games. While Ayumu participates in every moment with Urushi, he is still a long way from defeating her at shogi. We want to watch the episode to see if Ayumu will ever be able to confess his feelings to Urushi given the commitment he made to himself.


VA Yhei Azakami provides the voice of Ayumu Tanaka. Ayumu, a member of the Shogi Club, is a first-year secondary school student. He has vowed to keep his feelings for Urushi Yaotome a secret until he defeats her at shogi.

In the Shogi Club, Ayumu has Takeru as her lifelong friend and Urushi as her senpai. A member of the library board has his or her sights set on Sakurako.

Hina Yomiya provides the voice of Sakurako Mikage. First-year understudy Sakurako is one of Ayumu’s most beloved friends. Maki is Urushi’s closest friend and genuinely adores their connection.


On Funimation, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE, you can access all of the episodes of the anime When Will Ayumu Make His Move.

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