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19 Days Chapter 391: Cast, storyline, release date, and everything we know so far

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19 Days is not an anime but can be called an anime since it is a webcomic. It is a Chinese webcomic by Old Xian. The anime 19 days focuses on various amusing stories of the day-to-day life of teenagers in the webcomic.Talking more about the19 days, so it is originally a collection of anthologies of short manga stories which include 19 different types of artists including Old Xian and Tan jiu. The story focuses on one single day which means each of the days is a lot different than the other and this comic is only about one day from those 19 days from the original.


Characters overview

Featuring the character of the story, they are: Jian Yi, is aloud and energetic boy. He is also one of the most humorous guys and can even make a dead situation funny. His background isn’t happening but somehow he still manages to get friends with Zhan Zheng Xi. He has been his childhood friend and remains the closest to him the entire time. Zhan Zheng Xi -, as discussed before is Jian Yi’s best friend. He is interested in playing video games and has no more interest in other things than this. He also likes to read comics and spends most of his time with Jian. Zhan Zheng Xi also kinda likes Jian but is afraid to express his feelings.

The next character is He Tian – he is the most popular boy in the school. He Tian is good at studies as well as a brilliant basketball player. The only thing he likes to do is play basketball and flirt with Mo Guan Shan. Mo Guan Shan, he belongs from a lower-class background and is a school bully. His mother is the engine of the family as his father is in prison. He is He Tian’s biggest crush as he has natural and shiny red hair.


Chapter 291

The plot of the story follows two boys Jian Yi and Zhan Zhenxi who are in their teenage years around 17-18. There isn’t a particular story as it is a webcomic and not an anime. So the manga shows us how the boys develop their relationships with each other at school. The story will be connected to the main theme but still, the events are going to be changed in every chapter. There are a lot of romantic scenes in the story. The story follows a lot of genres which mainly include romanticism. Fans may enjoy these cute scenes happening in the comic.


The release of the chapter was said to be 8 June 2022 which means it has already been released. Fans were waiting for it to be released and their wait is over. If you are reading our article now, it is time for you to go and check out the new chapter of 19 days. It is available online on any anime manga site.

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