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A couple of cuckoos – episode 16 updates, Review, Plot and All other Details

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The synopsis

A Japanese anime. Available on Crunchyroll. Written by Miki Yoshikawa. Premiered in April 2022. It has only one season until now. With 16 episodes.

Two schoolgoers find out they were swept at birth.Nagi Umino is a 17-year old. Erika Amano, a popular internet celebrity. These two got swapped. They were born in the same hospital.

They learn later that the family they live in isn’t their biological ones. But events turn when their families want them to marry. They also planned that they both should live together.

And thus buys a place for them. All these turning of events. Unfolding layers of truth. Disrupts all the lives around. As they already had some relationships to classify.


The 16 episode

This episode got released recently. Erika and Sachi follow Hiro. Becomes detectives. Sachi tells Erika that she loves Nagi a lot. Her brother would even stalk anyone for him.

She wants to be sure about Hiro. Erika tells that Hiro is a nice girl. She even made Erika her friend at school.

Sachi then meets Nagi. Tells him that Hiro is a nice person. Also, she has joined their school too. She clears the entrance test. And come to school.

Erika seems to be comfortable with Hiro. They both go to the library too. As they also talk about Nagi. If she likes him? Want to know something about him? But she refuses and says she is already engaged.

Nagi and Erika had dinner together. Although he called Sachi she doesn’t come. As it was clearly shown in previous episodes. Erika likes Nagi. But Nagi seems to like someone else.

She also tells him that she is clear about what school she is going to study in the future. When they all talk about the respective future. Here the episode ends.

The cast

Nagi , Sachi , Erika and Hiro. Nagi is our main hero. He has a long crush on Hiro. She is his classmate. Erika and Hiro become friends. Erika is the biological sister of Sachi. Sachi is the adopted sister of Nagi. Erika is their love interest of Nagi in the series.

These four are highly interconnected. Erika starts liking Nagi. He saves her from stalkers earlier in the episode. Their families wanted them to get married.

Sachi develops feelings for Nagi. As soon as they kissed accidentally. After all, she knew they are not biological brothers and sisters. She fears losing Nagi too.


Also, Nagi and Sachi are well aware that they are step-siblings. Hiro also seems to be jealous. Erika makes Nagi very comfortable. Thus Erika and Sachi end up being detectives.

This series was originally published in 2019. Launched in later 2020. A romantic comedy. Feel good anime series. That has 14 volumes.


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