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A third season for Nisekoi announced!! Recap, Release date, Time, and Many More Information 

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The manga of the same name by Naoshi Komi was adapted for television as Nisekoi. It airs every week on MBS and several national Japanese networks, including Tokyo MX, tv, TV Aichi, and others.

On the other hand time, it was being broadcast outside of Japan via Crunchyroll and Daisuki with subtitles in English and other languages. There were twenty installments in all.

In 2015, a second season ran from April 10 to June 26. With plenty of sweet nothings, antics, and, dare we say it, pretty much the same things every loving tale has to offer in the modern era, Nisekoi, or “Fake Love,” is love triangle narrative of high school kids.

What is the storyline of Nisekoi?

season 3

The son of a Yakuza mobster from the Shuei-Gumi clan, Raku Ichijou is a straightforward and honorable young man.

Raku wears an unusual necklace around his neck that belonged to his childhood girlfriend, with whom he has a secret pact.
Then there is Chitoge Kirisaki, the boss’s daughter from Shuei-adversary Gumi’s gang, Beehive. Raku is looking for the one who has the key to the keepsake that represents his ideal lifelong partner.

Raku probably wants that the girl who offered him the necklace was Kosaki Onodera, his high school and middle school crush.
Kosaki is sprung from a very simple family of confectioners and bakers. Raku further attempts to assist her to win her affection.

To their disappointment, the gang leaders have chosen to couple their kids up to end their conflict firmly and permanently.
Since the two gangs are unable to get along at all, Raku and Chitoge must now “appear” to be all smitten to keep the harmony between both the two. This proves to be a very difficult chore.

Raku must embrace the choice his family has made for him because of his commitments to them.

What is the plot for season 3 of Nisekoi?

Season 3 of the show has not yet been announced, however, given the creators’ leftover material and the fact that the season finale of the show was published in June 2015, a release date is all but guaranteed.


Those who have been watching Nisekoi so far, you’ve certainly noticed that Raku develops romantic interests in a variety of different female characters. There were fewer episodes in the second season than in the first. 20 episodes made up Season 1, while just 12 did so for Season 2.

A slew of brand-new characters, including Haru Kosaki’s sister, was also introduced in Season 2. We’re seeking Chitoge’s red ribbon from Season 2, Episode 12, where viewers watched her practicing committing her fillings for Raku.

The fact that the finale did not meet viewers’ expectations raised their excitement for the third season. The actual promise girl hasn’t been shown, therefore the spectator is left in the dark about his true romantic lead.

How many episodes will be there in Nisekoi Season 3?

The real-life account of the promise girl captivates every viewer. Every one of these ambiguities will be cleared up again when the third season of the show debuts, of course.
The next Part of Nisekoi could have twelve or more episodes, much like the previous Part did, if the producer chooses to continue it going. There should be at least twelve attacks in the next Part as a consequence.

What were the previous ratings of this show?

Nisekoi had a respectable 7.2 /10 IMDb score, and in MyAnimeList, the show has got a 6.63 critics score. For someone who has never seen this show, ratings do matter.

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