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Entertainment District Arc-Spoilers, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know.

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In its just-concluded second season, Demon Slayer covered the Mugen Train arc in seven episodes and the Entertainment District arc in 11 episodes. Given that the first part of the series recycled content from the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train movie, the excitement didn’t truly build up until Episode 8, in which Tanjiro Kamado and his companions enter Tokyo’s Yoshiwara red-light district to pursue a demon. Or perhaps, as we later discovered, two demons. The subsequent battle had beautifully choreographed fight scenes, excellent animation that, in all honesty, was better than what was in the movie, and emotional turning points. So let’s take a look at how the outstanding second season of Demon Slayer is wrapped up while also setting up upcoming plotlines in the season finale, “No Matter How Many Lives.”

Who Survives the Entertainment District Arc?


Fortunately, not Gyutaro and Daki. This season, the demon siblings shocked everyone by disclosing that the demon slayers’ real aim was Daki and her much-stronger elder brother, Gyutaro, rather than simply Daki. In actuality, the siblings had to be beheaded concurrently to win the battle. In principle, it should be simple, yet the numerous demon slayers of the past found it to be a challenging task. Fortunately, our heroes prevailed and vanquished the sixth-strongest minions of Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji, the primary foe of Demon Slayer.

Since Rengoku’s shocking demise in Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, we’ve discovered that the series’ decent men aren’t always promised a lengthy life. Tanjiro is secure as he is the main character in the show. So is Nezuko, who is not only Tanjiro’s younger sister but also the primary cause of his conversion to demon slaying in the first place. According to typical shonen series conventions, Zenitsu and Inosuke are also since they, together with Tanjiro, form the ensemble cast’s core trio.

The Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, and his three wives do not even possess the same degree of narrative armor. We have just seen what else can occur to a Hashira in the Mugen Train Arc. Tengen has lost an eye, and a hand, and has succumbed to the toxin smeared on Gyutaro’s sickles at the start of the showdown. Tengen appears to be on the verge of following in Rengoku’s tracks, but Nezuko rushes in just in time to save him.

How Do the Demon Slayers Neutralize Gyutaro’s Poison?


Gyutaro poisoned Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Tengen after inflicting injuries on them. Ordinarily, the punishment for this is execution. Gyutaro’s poison is extremely lethal. However, Gyutaro’s poison has never been able to stand up over Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art.

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art centers on creating demonic fire out of her blood. In Season 1, Nezuko used it for the first time when she battled Rui. In Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, she employed it to free Tanjiro from Enmu’s dream magic. In the conclusion, she utilized it once more—first to stop Gyutaro’s onslaught after he passed away and then to burn off the remaining remnants of his toxin of everybody. We have also seen her use it earlier in the season against Daki, severely harming the Upper-Rank demon.

Even though her Blood Demon Art doesn’t harm people, it has been successful in defeating each devil faced up to this point, which speaks volumes about Nezuko’s terrifying capability as a demon.

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