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Is My Hero Academia Chapter 362 releasing within this week – fans are eagerly waiting for its releasing

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Since they were released earlier this week, the My Hero Academia chapter 362 spoilers have caused turmoil in the fanbase. The fate of their favorite characters during the last fight has been a source of concern for the audience, and this chapter may have delivered the most startling bomb of the whole arc. One errant panel appears to have revived a long-forgotten notion involving deuteragonist Katsuki Bakugo and the Second User of OFA, while other developments have captured everyone’s interest. This hypothesis has been circulated ever since the latter’s silhouette was released, however, among the fandom, it is typically mocked.

Spoiler of My Hero Academia Chapter 362

The Second User of One for All’s identity is one of the most enigmatic in the whole series. His name, age, and peculiarity are all unknowable. However, when Horikoshi originally unveiled him, his silhouette resembled Bakugo’s. The “Back U Go” philosophy was born at that point. The central idea of the hypothesis is that Bakugo somehow traveled back in time—the most well-liked explanation for this being Eri’s Rewind quirk—and when his earlier self grew up, he became the Second User of OFA. This was backed by the hypothesis that Kirishima was the third user, however, this was rapidly disproven by conflicting data.

The chapter closes with Bakugo’s heart-stopping, according to the full raw scans that were published on Imgur, however, the unauthorized scans leave that up for interpretation. Even if it does not indicate that he has passed away, it is highly unlikely that he would recover without the aid of a catalyst. Fans latch to the comic in My Hero Academia chapter 362 when AFO compares battling Bakugo to fighting the Second User of OFA. This notion had previously been supported by the fact that Bakugo and Deku’s hands were extended to Yoichi Shigaraki in a manner that was comparable to how Second User had extended his hand to Bakugo.

Interesting facts about this episode

Horikoshi has often failed to provide Bakugo with a plot independent of Deku and All Might. Katsuki, in contrast to Shoto, does not have a goal in My Hero Academia unless it is connected to Deku’s growth and development. Although Katsuki has a good character arc and several growth opportunities, these are not standalone and can be summed up as a shared arc for the protagonist and the deuteragonist. Ochako and Tokoyami both have sworn enemies, while Bakugo does not. Tokoyami also does not have a complex connection with another character that justifies a distinct plot. He has been wholly focused on Izuku and All Might from the beginning, and if his character development and screen time were to be removed, he would become nothing more than a story device. Furthermore, Bakugo’s function as a catalyst for Izuku has been emphasized throughout My Hero Academia, particularly in the Forest Training and Paranormal Liberation Front War arcs. Bakugo also lacks narrative armor. This information is generally known by both other heroes and villains, most notably Shigaraki, and in this arc, AFO/Shigaraki is seen utilizing it to his advantage to seduce Deku. In that sense, Bakugo’s passing could be the final straw that causes Deku to experience one of his Quirk Awakenings.

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