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Reality quest chapter 47 – all the related news about release

Must read

The preview

It is an action drama series. Written by Lee Joo Woon. Based on a virtual world. Which relies on games.

Ha Do Wan, a very unlucky player tries to win. As was being bullied by others. For a whole week plays the game. Eventually, he dies doing so. But the events turn. It becomes a mirage.

He gets respawned in his classroom a week ago. All things are the same.  Nothing has changed. Now it’s his chance to change. It’s a loop that he is going to continue.

The chapter

Chapter 46

Do want was back from a school trip. Mysteriously with a lock in his pocket. Trying to open it. But fails miserably.

After leaving the bus he meets a girl. She calls his name. He turns and says Si Yeon? This girl is his childhood friend. She has her reasons to come.

Questions her that what happened. Answering this she asks him to follow her. They then meet a few more people. Sae Hoon and Sae Hee. To tell him that bullying congress will happen tomorrow.

Most councils will send their secretaries. And top of it Dowan has to attend it. The delegates meet up the next day. What will happen there is briefed in the next chapter.

Chapter 47

Dowan encounters a bear and tries to fight him. There also bully comes and tease him. But this time he fights with them.

Later we see that the bear was just a costume.  A guy comes out of it. Whispering sees you later Dowan. Who was this guy? Why does he want to meet Dowan? This chapter ends where they agree to search for a new delegate.

All these questions will be answered in the next chapter. That will be released this week. It is an engaging manga series. Adventure and action are fully loaded. Chaos is between what’s real and what game.

Where it is available

It is available on multiple sites. The reader can search it online. It is available in Japanese and English.

It is updated from time to time by the creators about the upcoming chapters. The leaks are also available before reading the chapter. It is worth reading it.

Even an adaptation is expected by audiences. Many questions will be answered in the future.  All the events give character development.  The arcs are different than before in chapters.

Also, new characters keep coming up in this period of the series. Every character is important as it shapes Dowan.

Even if they are related or not. It creates mystery in certain characters.  But fictitious to happen. As it is clear how ambiguous one can become to differentiate between real and game life.

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