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Release Date Of Harem In The Labyrinth Of Another World Episode 7

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Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, Episode 7. Imagine entering an entirely different realm of fantasies and games as we all utilize the internet for our daily entertainment. It would be odd and confusing. The subject at hand is ambushing the bandits. This was the eighth installment of Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World.

Michio Kaga, a student in high school, comes across an odd website while browsing the web. He is struggling to achieve balance in his life while also looking for purpose. Using the questions and scoring system on this page, you can utilize them to develop a character’s level of competence. After Kaga finished creating his persona, he was sent to a videogame fantasy realm. He was reincarnated as a sexually attractive idol-level man. Here is where the story of the harem and the reborn man’s deception begins.

A Brief Recap Of The Episodes Prior To Episode Seven.

Michio Kaga starts playing a free internet game that he mistakenly thinks is virtual reality. He uses his sword Durendal to slay numerous robbers that have penetrated the neighborhood. The village chief, Somara, hands him the robbery tools. Kaga learns that the world exists and that he must finish the game in order to visit it. The peasant robbed Kaga. For the crime, he received a life term in prison. Kaga goes to Vale to get the bandits’ ransom and to sell the thief his loot.

Kaga visits Alan, a slave trader, to collect the prize, and Alan purchases the thief. He also tells him about a brand-new labyrinth that was just found close by. The labyrinth draws Kaga, and Alan recommends Roxanne as a slave. Because Roxanne is a beast woman, Kaga is drawn to her. This makes her helpful in combat and, if he treats her like a slave, renders her virginal. Kaga is fascinated by the thought despite feeling bad for having ever entertained it. He promises to return in five days with Roxanne’s almost 450,000 gold after hearing Alan’s pitch as well.

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 4 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

When Kaga comes to Alan, a slave dealer, to claim the reward, Alan buys the thief. He also informs him of a recently discovered nearby labyrinth. Kaga is drawn to the labyrinth, and Alan suggests Roxanne as a slave. Kaga is captivated by Roxanne since she is a beast lady. She becomes useful in battle and becomes a virgin if he treats her like a slave. Kaga finds the idea fascinating despite regretting ever having explored it. He also hears Alan’s pitch and says he’ll be back in five days with Roxanne’s almost 450,000 gold.

Kaga, who has five female slaves and is now older, goes back to the community where his life first began. Kaga offers Mio, a little child, a scimitar loaded with fury after spotting her. Kaga merely responds that he knows nothing about Mio’s father when Roxanne queries him about the situation. Kaga needs another 70,000 even though he is in the midst of selling his wealth. He decides to go into the labyrinth and steal things in order to get quick cash. He conceals his sword Durendal beneath his profile menu because of concern that it could be too alluring for thieves. He then buys a straightforward scimitar. He goes inside the labyrinth to try out his newfound skills.

He understands that losing his magic makes him depressed and makes a commitment to refrain from casting spells till he has enough. He has to put up more of a battle than ever before to gain greater treasure. He almost perishes after unintentionally running into a monster nest. His life is saved by Durendal’s healing spells and magical absorption. When he gets rid of the nest and goes back to Vale, he discovers that his murderous partners are still close by. For the sake of the reward, Kaga decides to go after them.

Release Date Of Episode 7. 

The seventh episode of Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World will air on August 17, 2022, at 11:30 JST. Due to differences in geography, release dates and times may differ for each nation.

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