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Release date revealed of Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 !check out now

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Kick The Devil In The Face! X is the third season of the Taku Yamada and Hikaru Sato-produced classic Dropkick On My Devil show. Kazuyuki Fureyasu wrote it and is the director. The complete franchise of programs was formed based on the manga. Its author and illustrator are Yukiwo. Kick The Devil In The Face! X as a television series debuted on July 6, 2022, following a fundraising effort. The distinctive plot and characters have earned accolades for the rest of the season.

What is the release date of Episode 7 of Kick The Devil?

episode 7

Kick The Devil In The Face! As with earlier series, Episode 7 of X is eagerly awaited. On August 16, 2022, it will air. It fits with the existing pattern that episodes have been released throughout the last seven days. On August 16, 2022, the series’ seventh episode will be aired.

What is the storyline of Kick The Devil?

Taku Yamada and Hikaru Sato were the film’s directors. A human witch named Yurine refers to Jashin as a Lamia, an Evil god from Hell, in the comedy series X. Jashin is not able to go back to the place of her birth, Hell. She is now occupied with attempting to assassinate Yurine. She spends hours with her while attempting to murder her. She meets people from both Heaven and Hell.

Every episode adds fresh tales, journeys, and facets of each individual to the show. Many possibilities exist to chuckle, particularly when characters attempt to murder each other.

What is the plot for Episode 7?

The seventh episode’s plot has not been updated. The sixth episode hasn’t been made available yet. The stories in each episode are often different. Because of this, it is very unexpected. But we’ll let you know if we learn anything new about the episode’s plot.


episode 7

Jashin-chan is accosted by a Poporon brandishing an iron club with spikes as she returns from purchasing. The angel had a tantrum and smashes Yurine’s polar bear chestnut jelly despite Jashin having no memory of Poporon’s identity. Jashin collapses, furious with Poporon and terrified of the consequences Yurine would bring on her. After that, Poporon scolds Jashin for acting like a devil and derailing her intentions to assassinate Pekora. Jashin consumes Poporon’s halo as a result of their acrimonious quarrel. As a result, Jashin gains superpowers and adopts the moniker Super Jashin, but it was merely a joke on her part. Poporon believes that demons and angels should live alone, but Jashin is serious about using her devil abilities against him.

Minos discusses a food restaurant with Yurine and Jashin in her flat after Medusa took her around. Until she discovers that Medusa is hanging out with a friend of hers, Jashin is uninterested in the topic. Jashin summons Medusa because he thinks another individual is utilizing her as their private ATM. Minos departs to go to their job after Medusa shows up. After that, Jashin questions Medusa regarding her other acquaintance and stops her from leaving by telling her to remain as a testimony. Dejected over Jashin’s inquiry, Medusa admits that what she told Minos was a fabrication intended to protect the confidentiality of the secret she had promised to Jashin.

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