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Tales Of Demons and Gods Chapter 391.5 is finally releasing know the date and time

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In Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 391.5, it appears like Wu is having second thoughts about entrusting Nie. Wu is apart from the other characters because of his opaque demeanor. We are aware that after he obtains his goal, he intends to murder Nie and Xiao. But it appears that he will have little influence over the situation. Wu’s intentions might not go as badly as he thinks. This will inevitably lead to a lot of turmoil. Everything you need to know about the new chapter is provided here. We will now question Nie’s skill and wonder how he learned so much about the empty illusionary palace in the 391st chapter. He’ll keep wondering what the secret is behind Nie’s wisdom.

The storyline of this episode

Wu dealt with Long and his troops in the previous Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 390.5. He could not, however, overcome Long and his right hand. But he thought they would lose their ability to hurt them. Thus, he went back to Nie and Xiao. Nie warned him that if he stopped moving, they may get disoriented and miss their way. In the meantime, a huge crowd gathered outside the 999 illusionary arrays. They were taken aback to find residents of the Dao of the dragon world there. They also learned that three demonic groups were searching for a chance to attack. Gu Bei was also present, and he didn’t want to waste any more time after he had already lost the mental image of the endless kilometers of rivers and mountains. He was still astounded, though, when he realized someone had already discovered the entry.

Now in the following chapter, Wu, Nie, and Xiao will be successful in breaching the hollow illusionary fulham’s outside hall. However, conditions will be quite horrific there. The trio is aware of a powerful and unsettling aura around them, and it is only going to become worse. Nie will therefore caution Xiao and Wu to remain close to him. We will start to wonder how Nie gained such extensive knowledge about the void illusionary palace and its trap. He will initially assume that Nie is simply boasting about it, but he will quickly realize that Nie is not someone to be taken lightly. When Nie tells them to halt, they will keep moving ahead. He will detect a strong aura and instruct Wu and Xiao to avoid a laser beam. They will soon find themselves surrounded by laser lights, making it difficult for them to flee. Long, on the other hand, will manage to locate a trail to the outside hall. But getting inside will be difficult for him. Gu Bei will enter the vacuum illusionary array by following the people outside.

Final releasing date of this episode

Tales Of Demons And Gods have a regular publishing schedule. Thus, on August 5, 2022, the 391st chapter will be published. The next part will center on Nie and how he learns about the palace of illusion in the emptiness. He appears to have already entered the palace, and his memories are guiding him in the proper direction. Remain tuned.

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