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Volcanic Age Chapter 216 releasing date, spoiler and many facts about this episode

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Joo Seo Cheon and Tang Hye will, at last, reach their relatives after the tumultuous days detailed in Volcanic Age Chapter 216. Tang Hye would be relieved after overcoming the countless blood poisons. She tried to protect her sister Nak, helping her to strengthen her shape. Sadly, though, the poison had now permeated her entire body. Thank goodness Joo Seo detoxified their bodies with a spider’s beat. Let’s now wait and see what happens in the upcoming chapter. The human-faced spider in chapter 216 will now be the source of stuff that Joo Seo will take. To their hometown, they will depart.

Releasing date of Volcanic Age Chapter 216

In Volcanic Age Chapter 215, Joo Seo Cheon had previously been seated at a table with her sister Nak and her elder sister. He used the “thousand poison” emerald orb method to get rid of the deadly poison. It quickly gained entry to the governor’s ship and helped remove the poison. Joo Seo later helped Nak follow his path, allowing her to avoid the poison and complete the adaptive realm. Now that the various blood toxins had dissipated, she was OK. As soon as she was aware again, she grabbed Joo Seo’s hand and thanked him for his help. So to say, he put his life in danger to save their lives. . Despite this, Tang Hye refused to express gratitude, claiming that, but for her flaws, she could have finished the evolutionary realm. Joo saw tension between them. After an argument with her, he ordered their army to guard him before approaching the spider in human form and asking him for his poison. His immunity was raised, to his advantage.

Chapter 216 of Volcanic Age will air on August 6, 2022. The official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao pages will all have access to it. Finally, word of Bear Fist’s treachery will spread over the entire world, and Sword Pheonix will figure out how to protect herself. Keep an eye out.

Spoiler of this episode

The following chapter will see Sword Phoenix making a bear fist. The guards, astonished to see him in such a perilous situation, will enquire about what happened. Thus, she will detail every instance in which Bear Fist betrayed them and attempted to support their adversaries. Bear First has also carried out each sneak attack. The punishment Tang Hye wants to impose on Bear Fist will now be decided by Tang Hye. While waiting, Joo Seo will utilize a portion of the human-shaped spider’s webs to make a weapon. After gathering his poison and webs, Joo Seo, Tang Hye, and Sword Pheonix will head back to the Tang Clan with their men. Oo begs his people not to go into the forest so that the mystery creature can be detailed to his people. Joo Seo will be studying the internet as the emperor uses poison to make drugs for his citizens. He will write a letter to his boss informing him of the situation.

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