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What is the plot Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 know from here and when it will be released

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The Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 title gives enough of a hint as to what will happen. The time for waiting on the obvious is going to pass. Fans were excited for the second installment to have their favorite character in the spotlight. And these two did discover a demon when Asa and Yuko were looking for them in the city. Yoru has now suggested that they not approach it any further, though. Who will now come to the rescue? Details regarding the upcoming chapter are provided here. Fans may anticipate seeing their favorite character take the spotlight in the next plot. He will undoubtedly track the annoyance and launch a devastating attack since he is aware that a devil is hiding out in the city.

Releasing date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 102

“Afterschool Devil Hunters” is how Chainsaw Man Chapter 101 was titled. The chapter began on the following day of class. Asa and Yuko revealed that in the past, demons had slain both of their parents. But as soon as Yuko crossed over, the War demon appeared and told Asa she needed to get rid of Yuko. Asa, however, was not yet prepared to perform such a horrific murder. She lacked the power to carry out the kill, even though it would have given her a great deal of power.

Fans will learn about Asa and Yuko’s long-term plans within the next week. Therefore, Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 will be released the next week without a delay. August 11th, 2022 will mark the chapter’s official publication. Only the official pages of Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen will allow fans to read the whole manga. She then instructed the Devil to stop referring to her as a girl. She had a name, and she preferred to go by that name solely. But when Yuko returned, the two of them went back to looking for the Devil. A demon suddenly materialized in front of her as the story concluded. Yoru was aware that she was unable to stop it at the moment.


The plot of this episode

You might end up forgetting his secret identity as a result of this meeting with the Devil. Yoru was unable to take control of Asa’s body when she was overcome with dread, as was revealed in the chapter’s closing panel. Yuko and Asa would therefore be left to handle the Devil by themselves. This is one of those instances where Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 may usher in Chainsaw man with a bang. The dude has not yet appeared in the second episode of the season. for more information and updates we have to follow our official websites.

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