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What will happen in Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 know from here

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In Sakamoto Days Chapter 82, Shin surprises you by pulling off a brilliant maneuver. So far, Shin and Sakamoto have been attempting to extract the database to discover additional information about the JCC. Unfortunately, they received no further information, which was their misfortune. After trying to find out the cause, poor Shin was caught. When will he find out about the database? Right now, it appears like he won’t have the upper hand, especially in light of that woman’s action. She may be a member of a secret society. The entire upgrade is revealed in the next chapter. Shin will devise a strategy in the 82nd chapter to discover the identity of the enigmatic teacher. He’s thrilled by her combat prowess, but he has some reservations about her past. Shin and Akira will thus endeavor to discover the truth. They will receive assistance from a surprising member in the interim.


Plot and storyline of this episode

He made use of the fact that no one was inside the library to enter illegally. But sadly, he was seen by a teacher. It was unexpected that he was aware of the database. She acknowledged that it was similar to an urban legend in response to Akira’s query, and from there they might learn more about the JCC documents. Shin was forced to admit that they were hunting for Slur’s record, the assassin murderer. But because she didn’t want her pupil to perish, the instructor cautioned them to remain away from the situation. It infuriated Shin, who was charged with an attack but was unexpectedly stopped by the teacher. Shin found it challenging to combat her because of how proficient her techniques were.

In the following chapter, Seba will assist Akira in standing up. If you recall, when Akira was battling Shin, she attempted to sneak up behind the instructor and strike. But when the teacher caught her deceptive maneuver and slapped her severely, her endeavor failed. Seba, who has hitherto remained invisible in this comic, is suddenly showing up, which has caused unexpected alterations in the plot. He will assist Shin and speak with the instructor. She will, however, caution them once more to take care and depart right away. Shin and Seba will be furious about it. He so resolves to strike her. Seba will charge the teacher and engage in a hand-to-hand battle. She will fight Seba with a little amount of power and have all the strategies necessary to defeat him. Sakamoto will arrive soon and witness the entire situation. His present disguise will prevent him from acting impulsively, but he will strive to assist them. Seba, who is caught in a fist lock, will strive to escape from this situation. The possibility to strike that instructor will appeal to Akira and Shin. To everyone’s astonishment, however, she will be able to handle all three of them at once.

Date of release of this episode

On August 8, 2022, Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 will be published. It is accessible on Viz Media. Sakamoto will ultimately discover the teacher’s real identity at this point. Her lethal actions will eventually serve as a reminder of their history to him as he has been attempting to determine her identity. Sakamoto knows her, right? Time will only tell. Remain tuned.

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