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What’s the news about Fruit Basket? check the latest news here

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Adapted on Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket manga franchise, Fruits Basket: Prelude is a 2022 Japanese animated film. The movie, which was made by TMS Entertainment and released by Avex Pictures, recaps the 2019 anime version of the show and also features a backstory narrative about Tohru Honda’s parents called Kyko to Katsuya no Monogatari and an exclusive conclusion tale penned by Takaya Takaya. It features Yuma Uchida, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Manaka Iwami, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Miyuki Sawashiro.

The conclusion of the 2019 anime’s final episode revealed a brand-new show that would center on Tohru’s parents. The core actors and crew of the 2019 anime returned, and it was stated in October 2021 that it will be included in a collection movie.

The Japanese box office revenue for Fruits Basket: Prelude, which had its debut on February 18th, is $1.12 million.


What is the plot of the Fruit Basket movie?

After her mom is killed in a car accident, Tohru Honda, a high school sophomore, chooses to move in with her granddad. She is briefly evicted from her granddad’s place due to remodeling and a cruel, unappreciative family member.

Since she does not wish to burden her two good friends, Tohru declines the offer to stay with any of them. As she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, Tohru starts residing in a tent to sustain her.

Nonetheless, Tohru enters the Sohma residence after finding a nearby residence inhabited by her well-known colleague Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure, and after attempting to escape a landslide that destroys her tent. On her initial day there, she must meet Kyo, Yuki and Shigure’s vibrant red-headed cousin, who falls through the ceiling and challenges Yuki to a fight.

The Sohma kinship curse, which states that twelve people in the family, apart from Kyo, are possessed by the spirit world of the Chinese zodiac, is revealed when Tohru attempts to stop him and unknowingly starts falling into him, having caused him to change into a cat ahead of her. This curse also states that when a person of the opposite gender cuddles them or makes them feel vulnerable, emphasized, ashamed, or vulnerable, the person turns into their zodiac mammal.

Tohru learns the Sohma family’s truth and promises to keep it a secret in exchange for being allowed to stay with them going forward. She soon makes a big, positive impression on people who are affected by the zodiac, even though the Sohma curse is much deeper and darker than Tohru originally thinks.


The Sohma family’s angry zodiac demons, particularly their leader Akito, who in Chinese legend plays the role of “God,” are encountered by the woman as she sets out to escape the curse. Akito maintains the family united while also enslaving them to their spirit world.

What is the release date of Fruit Basket?

Till now, there has been no official announcement of the release date of the movie. But it is expected that it will be released till mid of 2023.

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