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“Classroom of the Elite” season 2 episode 2-Release date, plot, trailer, and more details

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The second installment of “Classroom of the Elite” season 2 is termed “There Are Two Main Human Sins from Which All the Others Derive: Impatience and Indolence,” and it describes Ayanokouji as he tries to figure out the enigmatic rules of the hidden game to discover the true origins of the VIP classmates. Kouenji, meantime, ends the match again for the Saturn group by solving the problem and submitting the email two days ahead of schedule. The conclusion of “Classroom of the Elite” season 2 episode 2 is explained in detail herein.

Summary of Season 2 Episode 2:


Hirata speaks briefly with Kouenji, who is preoccupied exercising, before seeing Yukimura and Ayanokouji address a crucial matter. He informs his buddies that he has learned from Kushida that she is among the VIPs in the classroom because nobody is close by. Yukimura contends that if the VIPs are allocated equally among the courses, their class must receive one additional VIP. Kouenji, however, unexpectedly approaches together and adds as awaiting another two days for the cutoff is just too much trouble before they are given a chance to continue talking.

He suggests that they should identify the phony via an exam, and then he sends a message to the college to close the game again for the Saturn group. Ayanokouji texts Suzune about the incident that just took place after being left alone in his room. She is enraged and queries why he was unable to prevent Kouenji from acting in such a dangerous manner. As soon as Kouenji made a decision, Ayanokouji realized that there was not much she could have done to convince him otherwise. They subsequently get together to talk about the particular exam.

Suzune is asked by Ayanokouji for information about Karuizawa. He claims that while he has a decent understanding of his teammates, he knows nothing about her.

He acknowledges that he desires Karuizawa to collaborate alongside him because he recognizes the value of having the entire class D on the same page. Unfortunately, Ryuuen, who claims to already have grasped the essence of the test, interrupts their discussion. Because the school loves to still have a few key laws that govern all, Ayanokouji is aware that he is probably saying the truth because once these rules have been discovered, anyone can simply successfully pass the exam.


According to Ryuusen, class C will easily prevail in the special exam. But he also admits that he has cornered the pupils in such a way that he should shortly be able to figure out who their VIPs are.

How does the episode end?

Ryuusen minimizes all the dangers when Suzune asserts that he could be expelled if discovered. He offers to work with her so that classes B, C, and D can share information and overthrow class A.
Ayanokouji meets Karuizawa when he arrives for the team Mars talk after discovering the truth about the two characters’ relationship. Before they could say anything, though, more team members entered the conference room shortly after them. Ichinose keeps trying her hardest to get the pupils on the same page, but she seldom ever succeeds. Class A is still hesitant, even though the students in the other courses are willing to openly exchange the facts and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

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