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Luminous witches aka allied air force magical idol luminous witches episode 7- watch now

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The storyline

The anime adaptation is running now. A girl gang. Which is a group of the allied air forces. To heal the heart of the people who have fought against the Neuroi. Also to the people who were chased out from their hometowns around the world.

Till the time 6 episodes are released. This is a series of 10 episodes. It is a spin-off series. Struck witches were the original ones. The story is kept continued with the same plot and different characters.

They lead a war against aliens. So how are Ginni and her friends going to fight? They also do aerial displays. Songs music and visuals. This makes it peaceful. Also provides the strong ability and support to fight.

The theme

The opening song: wonderfull world

The cast: Manaia, Lyudmila, Virginia, Aila, and Sylvie are some mains. These characters have their strengths. They also have some flaws. But they try to keep up with the best.

The recap

Episode 6: Idols are in big trouble. The previous episode saw some glimpses of Sylvie’s past. They will continue on their tour. Abruptly some aliens attack them. And now they have to fight with them.

All of them are in the middle of a war. A war between humans and aliens. They need strength and support. The armed forces will join them.

Other witches are frustrated with her perfectionist nature of Maria and don’t know of her fear of flying. She keeps up with her strength. And tries to forget the fear.

Soon everything will settle down, and they will finally continue their journey.

Will the witches win??

Episode 7: Releasing on 15 Aug.Every soldier is contributing to n war to the best of their abilities. Be it, witches or humans.

Music and rhythms boost morale and increase the efficiency of soldiers. Inori shibuya is introduced. She comes with other witches. And performs well. They faces challenges but didn’t stop performing.

Upcoming we will witness the past of Sylvie much deeper. Maria’s days in airforces and her utter failure at flights stop her from ever trying them again.

Mana came to Maria’s rescue. Her shield is advanced compared to others. Every witch has its unique color shield. And will be an integral part of their power.

These are expected to be in the next episode. Also, this is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. It’s a spin-off series

Its sequel and prequel keep coming.

Strike witches in 2012. Strike witches operation in 2014. With 3 episodes. Brave witches in 2016. With 12 episodes.

Strike witches 3 in 2019. With 12 episodes. Strike witches 4 in 2020. With 12 episodes

And this time luminous witches.  With 10 episodes. All are available in both languages.  Watched on multiple sites.

Also, the manga versions are available.  Readers can find them online. The plot is the same in all the series.

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