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The Max Level Hero has Returned: Chapter 97-Review, Plot and All other Details

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One of the best manhwas is The Max Level Hero Has Returned, and fans eagerly await the weekly release of the newest chapter. The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97 Release Date will be covered in this article, so if you’re searching for The Max Level Hero Has Returned’s the release date, you’ve come to the right place.


The fight between Melfiue and Lune was shown at the start of Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 96. Lune hadn’t even fully awakened yet, yet she didn’t waste any time in utilizing her potent laser beams to discipline Melfiue. Despite her powerful strikes, Melfiue seemed stronger and deflected them.

The behavior of someone who is half human and the half vampire wasn’t what you may anticipate. Melfiue, on the other hand, gave off a much too strong impression. Melfiue was compelled to flee to preserve her life while Lune, on the other hand, persisted in her pursuit. Theo and Lucia appear to have been caught off guard by her move.

Davey, though, had foreseen this. But the struggle was far from over. They were told by Melfiue that she will return shortly. Lune and Davey were ready for this, though. Later, Lune asked Davey to follow her while she worked to obtain authorization to use hyperpyrexia rays. She would be unable to move after making a hole in the wall to let them escape because it was strong and required all of her powers. Lune was lighter than she seemed, but Davey assured her that he would bring her along anyhow.


In the subsequent chapter, Lune will be successful in punching a hole in the wall. However, she will use up all of her energy doing this, resulting in a 30% reduction in battery life. She needs a nap, as a result, to get her energy back. Theo, Lucia, and Davey will make an effort to leave the library. He will carry Lune because she won’t be able to walk by herself. Although they have seen a lot in the cellar below, their battle is far from over. They will go on to a new room with a different challenge. Elena and her coworkers will display worry for their relationships in the meanwhile.

They will continue to press their professors about Davey and the organization. But there will be some awful news for them. The news that the trio vanquished the golem and is now safe will provide some people some relief. But where they are will be a mystery. Although Elena will be scared, her teammates will make every effort to put her at ease. A formidable golem will surround Davey and his friends in the meantime. He will use his aura blade to combat the monster and defend his companions as it pursues them. Killing the monster will be difficult because of his low energy level.


Chapter 97 of The Max Level Hero Has Returned was published on August 8, 2022.

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