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Uncle From Another World Episode 4: Spoilers, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know.

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A comedy and fantasy anime by the name of Uncle From Another World, or Isekai Ojisan in its original Japanese, is based on a manga by Shindeiru Hotondo that was serialized in Web Comic Apanta. The show is being created by the AtelierPontdarc company and will mark its entry into the anime genre.


This was a fantastic episode that continued the story from the previous one. The scene remained the same, with Fujimiya continuing to attempt to put her legs up at Takafumi. The entire show was focused on romance and how Takafumi and Uncle have very similar romantic experiences. The pair is so absurdly dense that there were several pranks. It helped a lot that they were able to recognize each other’s romantic flaws but not their own.

Takafumi’s image as a straight-man character is compromised by his resemblance to the uncle, whereas Fujimiya is more of one. He can be just as unaware of his surroundings as his uncle, if not more so, therefore how he responds to his uncle’s idiocy or stupidity isn’t that big of a concern. Although he may not have the same obsession with Sega and 90s gaming as his uncle does, he is nonetheless a strong introvert with inhibitions that keep him from realizing how absurd his uncle’s behavior is. When such occurs, Fujimiya is required.

The episode makes more of what Uncle did in his otherworldly exploits apparent because it appears that his stay there wasn’t as difficult as Uncle had first said. His lack of social skills made him unable to make sound decisions about a variety of issues, most notably his friendship with the shy elf. She may not be the most forthright person in the world, but her reactions to the uncle make sense when compared to the traditions of that particular culture and the Uncle’s demeanor. Even though their situations could be amusing, Uncle’s tone when speaking with her is very suspicious. He is inadvertently luring her on, and nobody can dispute that.

The fact that the show uses isekai clichés without elevating the protagonist has a certain endearing quality. These clichés seldom ever hold in proper isekais, and viewing them in this context has revealed how flimsy and superficial they are.

The production value of the program never ceases to astound me with how wonderful it is yet being so modest. The quality of the smaller elements, such as Takafumi’s tears falling to the ground and the realistic explosion effects, is quite excellent. Everyone, except Uncle (and occasionally Takafumi), looks excellent thanks to the character design, and they all have highly expressive faces. You would never tell from viewing the show’s trailer how expertly constructed it is.


Episode 4 of Uncle From Another World was a humorous episode that was also very nicely made and simple to watch. However, the recurrence degrades the overall quality.

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