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Dragon Quest – Adventure of Dai Episode 90: Spoilers, Release Date and Everything You Need to Know.

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The flashback

A Japanese manga series by Riko Sanjo. The original series. Ran between 1991 and 92. With 46 episodes. It belongs to a guy named Dai. He always resides the story told by his adoptive grandfather. About the defeat of the Demon King Hadlar by the strength of hero Avan.

Some monsters and demonic energies moved to the island of Dermline to live. Dai grows up dreaming of becoming a hero. It is an action-packed anime. There are elements of adventure too.

After befriending Leona. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Papnica. He saves her from peril. Avan comes to the island with his tools. The magician Popp becomes Dai’s teacher at her request.

Avan sacrifices himself to protect his disciples. Hadlar is temporarily driven away by Dai after he awakens a mysterious power within himself. Dai is a human-dragon hybrid.

The secret method of freezing time!!

Episode 89

As the episode was released on 6 Aug 2022. It is available on Netflix. Brokeena learns the secret. She confuses mystvearn. Popp is waiting for the right time. He wants to achieve medora spell.

After successfully defeating the Dark King, Dai fell. Seeing this Leona rushes to Dai. She was surprised to see Dai using Doruora twice as he tries to win.

They all must try their best. All have to try to win. Grandmaster is strong. But they are none less. the arc ends over here. And the next episode is the 90th.

Myst and kill !!

Episode 90

Myst and kill is the title. The preview trailer of Episode 90 teases that Hyunckel has figured out Mystvearn’s secret.

Meanwhile, killvearn appears. Avan is going to lose for sure. In the last episode, Grand Master challenged Mystvearn to a duel. Everyone was shocked to see his actions.

Popp feels there is a lot of pressure on him to win this fight. He was feeling dejected. Maam encourages him. And makes him realize to try. Is he gonna make it through?  What will he do to fight?

Who will win the fight? What will happen next? Everything will be answered in 90 th episode. That is available on multiple sites.

The cast

The cast of the anime includes Atsumi Tanezaki as Dai, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Killvearn, Kiyono Yasuno as Marin, Kazuhiro Yamaji as Matliff, Yuuki Kaji as Hyunckel, Yui Ishikawa as Amy, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Popp.

There is various degree of romance. They all are interrelated. All give a development to the story. Different in nature.

There are 46 episodes. 3 movie titles. The manga has 4 volumes. Published in 2020. The anime series had its first episode on Oct 3, 2020.

Anime is produced by Toei animation. Manga is also available for readers. It was officially released on Crunchyroll. Available in both languages.


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