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Fuuto Pie Episode 3-Cast, storyline, release date, and everything we know so far

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In April 2022, the fantasy anime Fuuto Pi will be released. Criminal activity is handled by considerably more people than only the police in the city of Fuuto. Private investigators are essential in assisting the people of Fuuto. Fuuto’s criminals take drugs when committing crimes. Gaia Memory users are referred to as “Dopants.” The Gaia Memory device improves the users’ physical capabilities. Each Gaia memory chip specifically improves a specific user ability, such as teleportation, flight, etc.

The plot of Fuuto Pi centers on a youngster named Phillip and two private investigators named Shotaro Hidari. Both Shotaro Hidari and Phillip are Dopants, but they serve the people of Fuuto by using their Dopant power and sleuthing skills. Private investigators Shotaro Hidari and Phillip are the owners of the Narumi Detective Agency.

Fuuto Pi’s plot is jam-packed with mysteries and adventures. Additionally, the battle and bike chase scenes make this anime much more entertaining to watch. Let’s review what transpired in the previous episode.


Shotaro begins his inquiry into the lovely Tokime. He discovered her hiding place by following up on rumors and leads to find her. While someone else was attacking Shotaro, Tokime used her skills to flee from him. Phillie steps in to protect him from the unidentified assailant. After an attack and the unexplained deaths that occurred throughout the city, Shotaro Hidari and Phillip suspect Tokime, but something still doesn’t seem right.

Phillie tracked Tokime’s Gaia Memory by investigating her skills. Road, which gives its users the ability to travel through dimensions and superhuman strength and speed, is what she calls her memories.

Shotaro Hidari found Tokime once more; she was a helpless young woman with a damaged Gaia Memory. The actual Dopent responsible for the murders and thefts was a Tachikawas member. At the conclusion of the episode, Shotaro Hidari and Phillip were shown transforming into Kamen Rider W using their Gaia memories. When the Dopant went crazy, he began attacking everyone. The following episode will feature more of the fight scene.


The third episode of Fuuto Pi debuted on August 15, 2022, mon. If we talk about the times, it debuted on August 15, 2022, at midnight JST (JST).


The upcoming Fuuto Pi episode will show us Kamen Rider W’s true power. Dopant from the last episode and Kamen Rider W will square off.

The full strength of Shotaro Hidari and Phillip will be shown in the upcoming episode; we have just seen their intelligence so far. The following episode will feature some brand-new characters. Otherwise, there are no reveals and the post-creation sequences have been made public.


On Monday, August 15, 2022, numerous Japanese broadcasting channels will be airing Fuuto Pi Episode 3. Additionally, it will be accessible to users all around the world via streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

I hope you enjoy watching it, which includes all of the previously published episodes and the most recent seasons in the original Japanese dub with English subtitles.

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