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Hanamaru kindergarten season 2 full briefs and information

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The story

A Japanese series illustrated by Yuto. It has 12 episodes. Anzu is a little girl with her friend. Tries to impress Tsuchida. The new teacher.He is also their caretaker. They try to attract him. It was released in 2010.

Tsuchida likes Nanako . She is the teacher of the kindergarten class next door. Koume and hirangi are two friends.  They both and Anzu become a gang.

Though she is a small girl. She has a tricky mind. She tries to confess her love for Tsuchida. But she knows he likes Nanako. She tries to keep them apart.

The ending

Anzu wishes for something while she is asleep. On Christmas eve she asks something from Santa. When she woke up she found herself in a whole new world.

What is this new world?

As the season got ended on such a hinge. Fans are truly waiting to see what will happen. This new world she is in what does it looks like?

But nothing is official now. The main reason is that the manga series had already come to an end. With that being said, producing a new season would be out of the question as there is nothing left to advertise or promote anymore.

But the first season has completed a few episodes. There are many more to the manga. If the creator tries they can make a sequel.

At this point, fans just have to read the manga. To know the ending of the series. Only 11 volumes, around 102 chapters so not too much to read.

The characters

Anzu : first year kindergartner. She tries to act mature in front of Tsuchida. But the fact that she is not. She is a friendly naive mind

Tsuchida: new teacher and caretaker. He and sakura were friends. And he had a crush on her back then. But now likes Nanako.

Sakura: mother of Anzu and a childhood friend of Tsuchida. She was very happy to meet him once again.

Nanako: nearby classes teacher. she is the love interest of Tsuchida. He wants to confess it to her. Also might get engaged.

Koume: shy and sensitive girl. A classmate of Anzu. She helps anzu to attract Tsuchida. And the three girls become a gang. They try to keep Tsuchida and Nanako away.

Hirangi: the third member of the group. She is very smart and intelligent. But she gets easily embarrassed.

All these make the series more fun. They all are so connected. Making each other lives complicated. The best part is to witness the cute dramatics of Anzu. The whole group does whatever seems sensible to them.

Also, the relationship Tsuchida and the girls share is cute. But mostly funny with Anzu. When she is around she plays tricks. Always trying to curb Tsuchida’s attention.

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