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James Tupper thanks actress Emily Bergle, because of ex Anna Heche?

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James Tupper, born on August 4th, 1965 starred in various shows like ‘Men In Trees’, ‘Big Little Lies, and many more! He was previously in a relationship with actress Anne Heche in 2007, after splitting from his wife a year before that. After welcoming their son in 2009 March, Tupper and Heche called it quits in January 2018. However, unfortunately, Heche passed away on August 12th, 2022 after being involved in an unfortunate car crash that led to her being in a coma. Since then Tupper has taken to social media sharing a post of her and captioning it that he will ‘forever’ love her.


Recently many fans have allegedly called Heche, and in the wake of her death have called her out for being ‘Crazy’! However actress Emily Beagle, 47 mentions in a lengthy Instagram post that the deceased actress was a ‘genius’. Beagle worked with Heche on set for ‘Men in Trees’ and said from time to time to not term the word ‘crazy’ for her ex-co-star, she says that Heche was just curious about nature, more than she observed in her fellow actors. She says that she has to eject worked with an astounding, and extraordinary actress like her than she ever. For Heche’s role as playing twins on ‘Another World’ she was told to memorize 70 pages a day, this is where, Beagle says, Heche gets her discipline from and that she never called out of line and if she was, it was not needed. Even running on a few hours of night sleep Heche would show up early and on time on set without any complaints, she also says that maybe this is why Heche names her memoir ‘Call me Crazy’ where she speaks of her mental health after being raped as a child by her father, her brother committing suicide and her mother telling her that she would burn in hell for loving a woman. Bergle ends the post by saying that even though life seemed difficult and harrowing she never once let that seep into her work and job and has maintained professionalism at its best. Bergle even mentions and urges all the fans who called Heche crazy to purchase her memoir and encouraged them to read and understand the complexity of Anne’s mind beefier judging her for her antics that the press shows only one side of.

All in all, Bergle stood up for her fellow ex-co-star, and fans who were always fans of Heche and the show were very happy to see everyone coming together to support the deceased actress in her time of death.

What are your thoughts about this situation?

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