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Jujutsu kaisen season 2 Recap, Release date, Time, and Many More Information 

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The season 1

Gege Akutami brings a world of cursed spirits. That is curbed by jujutsu sorcerers. This revolves around school jujutsu high. Characters with string strengths are learned to take control over the cursed spirit.

Events take a deep dark toll.When a curse named Ryomen sukuna enters a human body. None other than the protagonist . Yuji Itadori, he was brought to jujutsu high to be executed.

But somehow Gojo senpai postponed this. Gojo is a high ranked sorcerer. At the same time, a group of cursed spirits plots a multi-layered attack on the world of jujutsu sorcery.

Gojo finds out that the good in Itadori helps to fight the demonics of sukuna. He trains Yuji till time he can consume all sukuna’s fingers.

Gojo and Geto failed to protect a young girl from Toji Fushiguro, Megumi’s father. These all try their best to save human lives from curses.

Various sorcerers arrive at the scene to fight them. Maki Zenin to meet with Tengen. Tengen, an immortal, part-Curse part-human jujutsu sorcerer, reveals Kenjaku’s plan to merge Tengen’s consciousness with Japan’s human population.

The Culling Game, Kenjaku’s all-out war between the sorcerers and Curse users of Japan, then begins.

Maki zenin , Inumaki , panda senpai and Yuta are seniors of yuji. They all help and train Yuji to fight with curses. As every time he consumes a finger of sukuna. Hosting the body creates a lot of energy.

The ending

Season 1 managed to not only paint an intricate picture of the anime’s worldbuilding. But also introduced key characters with varying complexities who tie into the saga in exciting ways.

The final scenes allow Yuji, along with an often under-used yet extremely powerful Nobara. They showcase their strengths and collective strategies.

Eso and kechizu are two evil brothers. Nobara uses her Straw Doll Technique and challenges them. They combine their strengths and create a perfect black flash.

More fights more action to unfold – season 2

While Eso is eventually killed, the third Cursed Womb brother, Choco. He remains at large, aligning himself with Mahito and Geto. The architects behind giving Curses on human vessels.

When the main three plans to let Akari seal the curse. Someday, Sukuna will have consumed every last of his cursed fingers. And will become powerful enough to create abject chaos in the known universe.

Will he succeed? Can he curb itadori’s goodness? Will adore being executed? Every query will be answered in season 2. It will be aired mostly in 2023.

Until then go and watch its manga. Available on the internet. Also, it has season 1 on Netflix. A movie on the character of Yuta. Jujutsu kaisen 0 is also available on the internet. In Japanese as well as English versions of the manga and series.



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