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Phantom of the idol episode 8 – All Updates and Latest News.

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The synopsis

A comedy series by Hijiki. The anime series ran in 2022. To date has 7 episodes. Yuya Niyodo is an idol who has recently debuted.

Highly unmotivated from his life is depressed. Lately meets Asahi mogami.The two make an agreement that Asahi would possess Yuya during his idol activities.

Asahi is living her afterlife. She is trapped here on earth with something left behind. She would have been a famous idol if she has not died yet.

They both are unaware of each other’s intentions. They cant even counter each other. Both have different ideas to work on.

Episode 7 recap

In the last 6 episodes, there were thousands of laughs. In this episode, another emotion is explored. Also, some turning events will be witnessed.

We discover Setouchi’s past. And Asahi’s music was their motivation for him. She turned his life a lot. He hates Niyodo a lot. He tries his best to ruin everything for him.

Yoshino is introduced in this chapter. They perform a new song at their latest concert.

What will happen in episode 8??

It will be released on 20 Aug 2022. The series has elements of surprise.  Will have cosplays and a beach tour. In the last episode’s post-credits, we saw them on the beach.

It will all give a character base. The turning of events helps to develop the nature of the characters. Emotional sides are also being explored by them.

They perform a new song at their latest concert. Both of them become great pairs. They might get successful. Niyodo has to work hard to achieve this.

But as for now he has Asahi and takes it for granted. The series is full of comedy series. It has fun elements. It is highly potential to showcase multiple emotions.

It is loved by fans. The manga is also available on the net. The series is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Fans seem to like it after every single release.

The cast involves Yuya Niyodo, who will be voiced by Fumiya Imai, Asahi Mogami, who is the voice actor for Nao Toyama, and Kazuki Yoshino, voice actors Shun Horie, Hitomi Shinano voice actor, will Eri Kitamura.

The trailer is also available on the official website. The manga is available in both languages.  The series will be first released in japan. Also, subs will be available.

Later it will be released worldwide. And then only English translations will be available. The countdown has begun. And fans seem to be impatient about the series.

It is a highly engaging series. A light-hearted enjoyable watching is a common review. Audiences seem to like it. Rated high on review sites. Reviews by critics are also good. The series has the potential to become one of the most liked series.

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