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Smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation Episode 7: The Pentagrams In Trouble!

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The pentagrams completed their mission successfully, and they are now ready to move on to their next quest. They helped the farmer and shielded him from a charging cow using their magical abilities. However, there was a mole. The knights will search for the pentagrams after being advised of their location by the informant. The pentagrams will now be in peril in Smile of the Arsnotoria: The Animation Episode 7. Watch to see how they handle the knights.

The pentagrams will complete their mission in this, the seventh episode, and choose to go back to the ashram. But the knights will be aware of them. As a result, they will follow them to catch them. The pentagrams are secure. Can the knights locate them? Furthermore, they haven’t said what they plan to do.

What Will Happen Next?

The pentagrams may finally complete their list and leave for the ashram, according to a clue in the ensuing episode, “Coo Coo Coo.” However, their outside excursion will leave its mark. The knights will be drawn to it as well. Solow had warned them to avoid the knights, but they will eventually come into contact with them. To engage in combat with the populace, the knights will rush toward the ashram. The pentagrams will be spoken with by Solow and others. If they interacted with the knights, they will be questioned about it.

Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation English Subbed - Animepisode

Pentagrams, however, will reject it. The pentagrams will be of interest to the knights as they wait. It is yet unknown why the knights are supporting them. One thing is certain, though: the knights are acting dishonestly. They seek assistance in finding a lost treasure from the pentagrams, perhaps in the form of their might.

Recap Of Previous Episode. 

The pentagrams were thrilled with their first adventure in the previous episode of Smile Of The Arsnotoria The Animation. They were given errands to run outside the ashram by Solow. They were cautioned to avoid knights, though. The pentagrams were instructed to obtain milk, incense, and eggs. They believed they might be able to get everything from a single store. But it never materialized. They couldn’t find anything they needed in the shop. In order to complete everything on their list, they had to travel farther.

They first arrived at a store to purchase some incense. They only discovered one there, though. However, they had to get it without arousing the shopkeeper. The shop was later thoroughly cleansed by the pentagrams. They then proceeded to a residence where they exchanged apples for eggs. They then traveled to a farm where they used their powers to protect the farmer from a cow while assisting him in gathering some berries.

Release Date Of Episode 7. 

The Arsnotoria’s Smile On August 17, 2022, at 9.30 p.m. JST, The Animation Episode 7 titled “Coo Coo Coo” will air. It will be accessible on local Japanese networks like Tokyo MX, BS NTV, and others. Additionally, you can watch it on the YouTube channels of Bilibili and Muse Asia. The purpose of the knight and their motivations for placing the pentagrams will be the main topic of the following episode. Remain tuned.

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