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The Devil Is A Part-Timer Episode 6-The Devil Climbs the Stairway to School!! check out now

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Among the most popular and well-known anime, The Devil Is A Part-Timer, regrettably left its fans unsatisfied after season 1 aired in 2013. due to the lack of any season 2 news. After 7 years, the anime unexpectedly returned to a new studio.
Nevertheless, despite some surprising narrative turns, the story is still entertaining. The protagonist of the tale is the superhero Emilia, who previously tried to take over the world of humans but was thwarted by the demon ruler Satan and her allies.

epi 6

The demon lord managed to flee the human realm along with one of his generals after nearly being killed by the heroes.

He opted to remain in the human world as Mao unless he regained his strength and was able to effectively go to his realm because he was unable to do so due to the depletion of his energy.

But he normal communication that Emilia, the heroine, also existed in the realm of men to kill him. Eventually, a large number of other Ente Isla characters began to appear.

Recap of the previous episode:

Mao’s situation is not going promising because he won’t be capable of working at McRonald’s for a few months while it is being renovated. Alas, Ramus was nowhere to be found, so Mao was oblivious of the repair.

His misfortune doesn’t end there, though. He was living inside a place that would soon need repairs. But the owner also gave them a movie wherein she offered them a position at her niece’s beach villa in Choshi.

Because it pays well and gives them accommodation, Mao chooses to consider this offer of employment. Chiho joined them when her mother gave her the go-ahead. In the end, Alas Ramus, Emilia, Suzuno, Chiho, Emi, and others accompany Emilia to Choshi.
When they arrive, Amane Oguro, the landlady’s niece, welcomes them and informs them of the required work. The group as a whole decides to get to work right away. When they see the lights on the horizon of the beach after completing their labor, they decide to spend the evening watching the water.

The myth of the ship ghost Mouren Yassa is mentioned by Amane. As a thick fog begins to obscure the water, Amane grows concerned.

epi 6

What are the release date and time of Episode 6?

The sixth episode of The Devil Is A Part-Timer season 2 will air on Tokyo MX and other networks in Japan on August 18 at 11:30 PM.

It will become accessible on Crunchyroll for that outside of Japan a few hours after Japanese time. There would be English subtitles accessible.

The timing is as follows :

  • Pacific time : 7:30 PDT (18 August 2022)
  • Central time : 9:30 CDT (18 August 2022)
  • Eastern time: 10:30 EDT (18 August 2022)
  • British time: 15:30 BST (18 August 2022)
  • Indian time: 20:00 IST (18 August 2022)
  • European time: 16:30 CEST (18 August 2022)
  • Australian time: 1:00 ACDT (19 August 2022)
  • Philippines time: 22:30 PHT (18 August 2022)

Where can you watch Episode 6 online?

The Season 1 of Devil is a part-timer is available on Netflix, but the second season is not out yet on Netflix. For the people who want to watch the second season, you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Anime fans from South Asia can watch the Devil is a part-timer season 2 for free on the Muse Asia channel on YouTube.

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