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Ending explained of DOTA dragon’s blood season 3 check out now

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How does Season 3 Start?

To eliminate Terrorblade once and for all, the army ventured toward Foulfell at the start of the season. Nevertheless, before the last fight, Fymryn takes Selemene’s place as her own and aids the Elven Enclaves in paying attention to reason. To assist Davion possess every old wyrm soul, the Invoker makes a pact with the Empress. Utilizing all of the abilities, he transforms into a hybrid, and they start their battle with Terrorblade. They are first tricked by Terrorblade, who then imprisons them all within their dreams, but Fymryn’s power stops him. Davion’s life is lost in the battle against Terrorblade. The Invoker took advantage of the chance to create a label reality in which his daughter Filomena is intact and the soldiers have never interacted before.


While Kashurra doesn’t exist, Mirana finds herself in an uncomfortable reality where her dad remains living. It is a future in which Mirana did not lose Marci or Davion. She visits the oracle in seeking answers and leaves with all of her prior thoughts. Mirana decides to pursue Davion right away to make things right, and she goes along with him to meet Slyrak. After they argue, she realizes he isn’t the same Davion, so she and Marci leave on their own to speak with Slyrak. Kaden, who was previously there to capture Slyrak, is defeated by Mirana, who has yet to fully activate her abilities.

Ending of Season 3 explained:

Filomena was gone once she had returned the planet to its proper condition. The Eldwyrms’ souls were returned, the pillars were put in place, and Mirana and Davion returned to their former selves. Before Davion sacrificed her life to correct the record, they had some sexual intercourse. As the Moon Goddess and the Solar God, Fymryn aided Mirana in regaining some composure and worked with her to dominate the planet. Mirana gives the Shopkeeper the Archronicus as a memento and orders him to never, ever give it to anyone. Whenever the shopkeeper inquired if she had discovered what she was searching for, she merely grinned and stroked her abdomen.

This line served as a callback to Season 1, when a frustrated Mirana had asked the Shopkeeper for assistance in finding the lotuses, sending Mirana back to the start following the close of a highly eventful chapter in her life. Because of his intrinsic abilities that are better than those of the Gods as well as the Invoker, it appears that the Shopkeeper is a seer, and his oath is enforceable. It appears that Mirana is with a child in this specific closing scene. The first signs of a baby may signal the onset of a new season. How Mirana raises the child of a Dragon Knight, the host of several dragons, and the Solar God, the Empress of the Helio Imperium, might easily be the main emphasis of Season 4.


A brief glimpse of Filomena nursing her wounds while concealing part of her identity in a plain blanket underneath the moonlight in the last episode. Terrorblade now appeared to make a proposition to the Invoker throughout the battle to change reality so that Filomena would remain alive and well. The Invoker had rejected the clause in the agreement that specified the new reality would be one created by Terrorblade. Without succumbing to Terrorblade’s reality, the Invoker effectively injected the very same truth and brought Filomena back.

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