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What’s new In Season 2 of Future Diary? Recap, release date, time, and many more information

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Future Diary is a thriller, romance, drama, action, and adventure anime. It become an instant hit from the time it was released. But now, it has been over ten years since the last episode of Future Diary was released, and then there was no news about the renewal of the series. It had one season with 26 episodes.

Katsuhiko Takayama is the writer of this and it was directed under the guidance of Naoto Hosoda. It is now available on Netflix for fans to watch.

What is the release date of Season 2 of Future Diary?


The report indicates that Future Diary won’t be completed any real soon. The great news still has time to spread. There have been some reports regarding Future Diary season 2 being canceled, but we would want to clarify this.

Regarding the postponement of the upcoming season, the production studio has not released any formal statements.

What is the plot of Future Diary?

Yukiteru, a 14-year-old boy who enjoys keeping a telephonic diary, is the main character in Future Diary. He is a lonesome person with just one fictional companion. This companion of his is a God by the name of Deus Ex Machina, who one day manifested himself and invited Yukiteru to take part in a survival game with him.

In this game, 12 competitors will use their diaries to eliminate one another. Yukiteru joins up with a player named Yuno to survive the game. All of the journals are utilized as weaponry against all other players, but if they are damaged, the player will lose.


What is the reason behind delaying Season 2?

The fact that perhaps the show was not renewed indicates that the plot has been wrapped up. Future Diary’s conclusion was wrapped up in the OVA episode, which was released after the first season’s conclusion. If you weren’t happy with the first season, we suggest viewing the OVA, which was broadcast sometime in June 2013.

What are the ratings for this show?

IMDb gave the anime Future Diary a 7.6 rating based on 16,734 votes, and MyAnimeList gave it a 7.4 rating based on 11,06,703 votes. The anime has the perfect balance of suspense, violence, and mysteries. The fans assert that the narrative and character development make it worthwhile to see.

Official trailer of Future Diary:

Since it was revealed that season 2 of the future diary will be arriving soon, fans have been impatiently awaiting the debut of the first trailer. The first season had a great deal of popularity and received favorable reviews from audiences all over the world.

The fact that this second season will be available on Netflix rather than being shown on television is among the most eagerly awaited features of it. The official trailer for The Future Diary’s second season has not yet been released, though. To give you a better indication of what to anticipate in season two, I’ll provide the official season one trailer instead.


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