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Ao Ashi Chapter 303: Spider’s Thread-Recap, release date, time, and many more information

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Aoashi is a Japanese manga series. It is written and illustrated by Yūgo Kobayashi. The series is based on a concept by Naohiko Ueno. Since January 2015, it has been serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine, Weekly Big Comic Spirits. In April 2022, an anime television series adaptation by Production I.G premiered. The story follows young Ashito Aoi, who is in his 3rd year at HM City Middle School. Coach Tatsuya Fukuda believes in him and that he could change the face of Japanese football.

A Quick Recap of the Previous Journey

Shiba, as an athlete, is no longer permitted to consume alcohol. The story then shifts to the Esperion Youth Membership bus. All the ardent gamers are seated silently on the bus. Fans noticed that Yoshitsune may be extremely stressed due to the impending fight. He is eager to show everyone the hardships that he has done over the past three years to improve his game.

Fukuda and Date are busy planning the formations and positions of the players for the forthcoming match. The players then catch a glimpse of the Saitama stadium. They are captivated by the experience of playing at this stadium. Otomo from the formative years of membership staff gives Aoi a nice photograph of that stadium. But, Aoi was stressed about the approaching match. He does not want to lose his concentration before the beginning of the game. Ashito started reflecting on his skills in the field. Not to forget that he trained himself by just watching Shiba-san. But it wasn’t easier for a fresher like him to understand Shiba’s trick.

International fans will be able to find the English edition of the Ao Ashi series on Amazon.

Here is a little spoiler for Chapter 303.


Shiba is low on confidence. Shiba recalls his past and that he wasn’t a pro-level player from the beginning. The chapter focuses more on his past and some flashbacks. The story shifts to Shiba’s HS days, where his coach highlights that Shiba lacks physical ability. But he has outstanding skills. One day, an Esperion scout invites him to participate in Esperion’s practice sessions. He was stunned that a pro team asked him to join them. It was an opportunity for him. During the practice session, the pros tossed him like a rag doll, which added to his distress. He soon begins to lose faith. But then he figures out how to make it work with his skinny body. He started to listen to his manager, coach, teammates, and others’ advice to become stronger. He relied on his brain and eyes to cover his lack of physical ability. He remembers that while playing against Hiroshima, Shiba learned that other players were not thinking the same way he did. So, Shiba sends a killer pass, resulting in an Esperion goal. Since that day, he has started to believe in himself.

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