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One Punch Man Chapter 169-Release date, Recap, What Will Happen Next? 

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For anime fans who like superhero series, One Punch Man is a must to watch. The series has fascinating and aesthetic fight scenes. It is very popular among real anime fans. The clips from the enemy get instant viral among the netizens. The first one, from young kids to teenage boys, the series has successfully captured their attention. The hero of the series is a wild, frightened, and charming character

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One Punch Man, or Wan Penman, is a Japanese superhero manga series which is created by and illustrated by Murata. The story tells us about the life of a superhero. Our hero can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Why isn’t this very fascinating? He is a person who gets bored from a lack of challenge. Powerful monsters and villains wreak havoc on super continental earth. To fight with the devil, the hero association is created. Saitama, our hero, hails from the city Z. He performs heroic deeds as a hobby.

 One punch man chapter 169.

It is titled “Daybreak”. Fans of the One Punch Man series must be waiting for the next episode as the previous episode was interesting. And many fans are expecting new twists and turns in the next chapter with some feared fight scenes. Beginning with Waganma and Child Emperor Garou, he approaches the fallen heroes one by one, who passes out with bloody noses. Bang starts observing Garou’s movements while perceiving something evil within his former pupil. Bang informs the S-Class that Garou is being controlled. The S-Class immediately demands immediate release.

The Hero Hunter tells us that he is acting entirely of his own volition. At the moment, Blast teleports to his location and agrees with Silver Fang. Garou inquires about his identity. Then Blast responds with a brief introduction and admits that he is under God’s control. The hero explains that he could not comprehend the “divine power,” leaving Garou and Bang stunned at the same time. Every attack he unleashes on the planet threatens the existence of all living things.

The last chapters of the series celebrated Saitama. He defeated Garou with his serious punch. Fans also saw Saitama blowing off Jupiter just by his sneeze. That’s Garou’s ultimate move to send Saitama back in time. The fight has ended but there are still many things to expect from the upcoming chapters of the series.

The chapter continues with Saitama giving back the energy core to Genos. Genos regained all the memories of the now-lost future after receiving the energy. Now he exactly knows what happened between Saitama and Garou. He tries to express it to Saitama as well but due to his too much blabbering, Saitama seems uninterested during the conversation.

Tareo tries to save Garou. So, he interrupts in between and he’s backed up by King who scares off the other heroes. Garou takes the advantage of the situation and disappears.

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