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Rent a girlfriend episode 8-Recap, release date, time, and many more information

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The manga series Hire-A-Girlfriend Season 2, which Reiji Miyajima wrote and drew, is unquestionably probably one of the best. As a result of their frequent discussion of it on their own explicit personal social media profiles, followers give it a lot of thought. Because everyone else is aware that there were only seven episodes released to date, readers are eagerly awaiting the release of episode 8.

Even though not heaps is believed to relate to the upcoming episode, it’s rumored that episode 8 will seemingly be themed as “Youth and Girlfriend.”

Summary of Rent a girlfriend Season 2:


Kazuya Kinoshita, the main character in the manga series, is bombarded by perilous luck. Despite all, he manages to survive all the issues. Nevertheless, things get problematic when Mami Nanami, his ex-girlfriend, arrives in his life. Mami is now aware that Kazuya claims to have a second girlfriend who he lives with. She had only previously known that Kazuya was using a rental girlfriend app to court Mizuhara Chizuru. For every new episode, the plot becomes progressively more compelling. Fans of the series eagerly await the release of the prototype new episode.

Recap of Episode 7:

Episode 7 of Season 2 of Rent a Girlfriend After just a drinking session, Kazuya finally awakens, but he still has no memory of what transpired the previous evening. Kazuya is unsure if Chizuru caring for him was a delusion or not, even though he has a vague memory of it. He is astonished to discover himself among a gang of inebriates when he examines his phone. Kazuya muses about putting Chizuru to his phone contacts but is reluctant for fear of getting yelled at.
He meets up and everyone from the celebration and attempts to behave normally as he goes to his dorm. He secretly feels relieved that nobody learned about Chizuru even though it would have had serious repercussions. Kazuya starts working at a karaoke bar after graduating from college.

To bring back their recent passionate moment, Ruka is waiting anxiously for him as well.

Now, Kazuya resists her attempts and resists making love to her. He is astonished, however, to see Mami enter the store. He tries to maintain his composure rather than overthinking the matter, but he fails. Ruka follows him while he converses with Mami, but he deftly directs her to a private space so she can take advantage of the karaoke bar even if she is being watched.

They converse some more candidly when the two of them are by themselves. They’ve been out there karaoke twice before, Mami reminds Kazuya.

Ruka is eavesdropping in on their talk covertly, but fortunately, Kazuya can catch her until it’s too late. However, while she struggles to remove Ruku from the situation, she grows uneasy and chooses to stay to see what is developing between the two of them.


What are the release date and time of Rent a girlfriend Season 2 episode 8?

Based only on reports, season two episode eight of Hire-a-Girlfriend is set to debut on August 20, 2022. Readers may see it starting at 1:25 JST. However, it should be noted that the popular streaming behemoths Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Roku do not require the order of their catalogs. Nevertheless, fans can finally sigh in relief because Crunchyroll now offers all seasons of the show. The episode is offered to fans for free, only with the option of a premium subscription or a 14-day trial.

Let’s not forget to mention that the rom-com segment is available on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel for Asian fans. Check out the possible release times and related time zones that are provided below.

  • Pacific time: 9:25 am PDT
  • Central time: 12:25 pm CDT
  • Jap time: 11:25 pm EDT
  • British time: 5:25 pm BST
  • Indian time: 9:55 pm IST
  • European time: 1:55 am CEST
  • Australian time: 6:25 pm ACDT
  • Philippines time: 12:25 am PHT
  • Japanese time: 1:25 am JST

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