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The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious Episode 4 Releasing Soon Check the Release Date

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The storyline

Written by Wakame konbu. Yuri our hero lives all alone by himself. So he hires a new maid for his mansion. She is very suspicious. As she came by herself to be a maid.

Her name is Lilith. Both of them care about each other a lot. But doesn’t show it to others. So the upcoming episode will bring out the reason.  Why is Lilith working here?

As we see that it’s yuri’s first day. And she is making every bit of a fuss out. Tsukasa is happy to see yuri around.

Lilith arrives at school to pick him up. She asks Tsukasa to look after him in school.

Do you like pudding young master?

Episode 4 is titled this. Lilith makes some pudding. Which yuri might not like. It will get released on 21 August.

It will available in Japan. On local tv channels. Also, it will be available on Crunchyroll.  It has both versions. Also, its manga is available for reference.

The manga is running since 2019. It has 5 volumes. And till time anime has 3 episodes. The 3 rd one has been released recently.

Very little section of people knows about this anime. As it has been recently watched. And few are aware of this anime.

But it has a very engaging plot. A story where a boy and his maid share a weird relationship.  As he suspects her to be mysterious. It is a romantic comedy.

The series was developed recently.  And is running since June 2022. As yuri is suspicious.  He says he’ll not trust her. And he’ll find out her secret.

So, until that happens, Yuri orders her not to leave, which Lilith happily accepts. They both do care about each other.  But no one can undermine the fact that why is she here?

She teasingly asks if he’s interested in her. And yuri says yes. He began to state that she was a beautiful maid.

Yuri thinks that she’s different from all maids. Who makes food very delicious? She also seems worried about the first day of school. Prepares everything for yuri.

She also asks Tsukasa to take care of yuri. Early in the morning, she gives him breakfast. He fascinates her to be a demon with a horn. And teases her a lot.

They both tease each other. Disturbs and plays tricks to enrage each other.  But also makes each other blush.

As when she asks him what is good about her. He replies she cooks well. Also, she is a bit cute. And she seduces him in his dreams. Which ultimately makes her all red face.

The next episode will be available soon. Also in both Japanese and English languages. The watchers can visit multiple sites. It will release worldwide after local release.


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