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Baruto – naruto’s next generation episode 263-Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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The genesis

A spin off a sequel. Where the character of Baruto is explored. He is the son of Naruto. It started in 2017. And since then is released every Wednesday.

Then from 2018 every Thursday. Since Oct of 2018 is aired every Sunday. To date, there are 262 episodes. This series looks neverending. The upcoming episode will be released on 21 August.

His father was a leader of the city. He was the greatest ninja of all time. Baruto also decides to become like him. He and his friends start the journey.

He embarks on a journey where he out marks his father’s shadow.

The tea party

Episode 262

As it shows Himawari’s first few days in the ninja academy. And Kawaki was to protect princess Kae. He tries to complete his task. To become a close relation to the princess.

Eiki fuma on the other had crushes on kae. He is jealous of the attention Kawaki is having. So he tries to fight with him. He wants to defeat Kawaki. Believe this will make kae love him.

So at the kae’s tea party. Kawaki doesn’t seem to be pleased. Also, this will reveal whether Himawari knows. The actual mission of her brother or not.

She also threats Kawaki. Will she expose the mission?  Will kawaki be successful?  What will happen at the tea party?  Who will the princess choose eiki or kawaki?

All these will be answered in the future. Upcoming episode 263 is to be released.

Bloom hana !! The teacher’s gift -episode 263

The episode will be streamed on Crunchyroll. This will involve the homeroom teacher. Kawaki and Himawari’s homeroom teacher.

At first, it seems like she is an assassin behind kae. A few introductions might happen. A team of 7 instructors.

Himawari offers to protect kae. Kawaki trusts her and leaves. Eiki warns kawaki to reveal his plan. Himawari preapres for the party.

At the party, everyone is horrified. Because of the presence of Eiki and kawaki. They try to convince us that they like a tea party.

The class ends up. Kae asks some questions to Kawaki. Somehow he suspects the cake to be poisoned. Eventually, he throws it.

Thus making kae sad. On other hand, Himawari tries to distract everyone. This leads to exposure of a new lead.

Osuka is a self-centered girl. Kae doesn’t like this. She raged at her. So Osuka apologises to her. Kawaki tries to make up for the cake.

The episodes will be available on Crunchyroll.  In both Japanese and English languages. Also, the manga is available.

Readers can search it on the internet. The anime Naruto is also available on Netflix. Manga of Naruto is widely read by fans. It is one of the most hyped series.

Both seem to be never-ending. Even their sequels are made like Naruto Shippuden. Fans are always loving it.



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