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Call of the night episode 7-Watch Kou and Nazuna’s Teamwork in Latest Episodes

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Among the most exquisite animes now showing on cinemas throughout the globe is Call Of The Night. Because of a variety of factors, this anime is just as gorgeous as its name suggests. The first is its lovely and heartwarming plot, and the second is its richly developed characters. These factors contributed to its huge popularity in such a limited amount of time.

What is the plot of Call of the Night?


The anime’s plot is expertly constructed, and the pace is just right to keep you glued to the screens all the way through. Fans are eagerly awaiting the seventh episode, which will be the sixth to be released thus far. We’re here to clear up any questions fans may have about the episode release date and spoilers in this article because there are so many of them.

Kou Yamori, a middle school student, is the main character in Call Of The Night, a narrative about a child who delves deeply into the complexities of love and grows fairly philosophical about his feelings and love interest. These ideas caused him to stop going to school and begin nighttime street wandering. He met Nazuna Nanakusa one wonderful evening. She was an odd girl who thought that folk’s unhappiness with their daily lives was the cause of their insomnia. Nazuna tried some very bizarre things to put Kou to fall asleep at night, which is what sets this anime apart from other animes.

Recap of Episode 6:

The series’ humorous and other distinctive qualities were on display in Call Of The Night’s sixth episode. We witnessed Kou visiting with Kiyosumi, a client of Nazuna’s who Kou thought had a problem similar to his own. The conflict between Kiyosumi and Kou took up the majority of the first half of the episode. When Kiyosumi pays a visit to Nazuna, Kou has to take proper care of her in order to get the kiss. Kou was shown Nazuna’s greedy side when she also promised to give him half of the money once her customer left.


The episode eventually turns more dramatic as Kiyosumi describes how difficult it is for her to stroll the streets alone around dark because of her illness. While she was talking about her suffering, her employer called; Kou advised her to take a night off and rest instead. These events help these three characters form a strong friendship, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming episode.

What is the release date of Episode 7?

Episode 7 of Call Of The Night is all set to release on 18 August 2022 worldwide. You can watch the episode at 10:30 AM PDT, 12:30 PM CDT, and 1:30 PM EDT. If you are a fan from the Indian region, you can stream the same episode at 11:00 PM IST.

Where can you watch the Episode online?

On Crunchyroll, you can watch every episode of Call Of The Night that has been aired. Because Crunchyroll enables broadcasting, you can even view all the future episodes from the same website. On the same platform, you can indeed read manga, purchase anime merchandise, and keep up with society debates.

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