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Cinderella Chef aka Adorable Food Goddess-Season 3 episode 8: Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 

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The preview

The animation was adapted from the novel written by Ziyi 281. Running since 2018. Ye Jiayao is a modern celebrity chef. Loves experimenting with classical Chinese dishes.

It has till time 2 seasons. Now it is releasing season 3 with its 8 th episode. And here are its latest updates and leaks.

Somehow one of her experiments goes wrong. She wokes up in dream . Where she becomes  Ye Jin Xuan daughter of the attorney. But this is not a dream. It time travel to other period.

Before she could understand the situation. She was kidnapped. When she opened her eyes she was in a camp. And meets the leader of the bandits, Xia Chun Yu.

He had infiltrated the Black Wind Fortress. They two get married. It is a fake marriage. Then she wins over hearts. With her superb cooking skills.

The characters

To brew some love. It has two main characters. They are way apart from each other.  One is highly proud. And other is highly creative.

Ye Jia the Cinderella. She dies due to the failure of food experimentation. Afterward she time traveled. Now she is jinxuan. Who is kidnapped by someone.

The kidnapper is our male lead. Xia is chunky, he loves her cooking only. He has a proud personality. But is rude and arrogant.

The little prince of Helian Palace. Follows, Xia Chunyu. His brother Helian Xuan, debuted in episode 6. He becomes friends with Ye Jiayao, who was disguised as a man in trouble.

The season 3


There are already 7 episodes. 8 this going to release soon. Xia knocked out the large villager and kidnapped Yaoyao. Xia apologizes to the senior villager for the commotion he caused.

They learn that the village’s situation. It has gotten worse as a result of the locust infestation. Xia departs as he must be on time to meet his crew at Nanyue. Yaoyao is enraged with Xia for abandoning them.

Due to Jin and Yuan’s strange courtship, she discovers some peas and chameleon plants near the river.

Yaoyao visits Nanjia Village. Where she assisted the locals. She helps them overcome their issues and crisis. That was generated by locusts.

While Ah Yuan and Jin appear to have some love ties. He is the first to shield her from some unexpected events that have already occurred and are certain to do so shortly.

Soon we will learn what happens ahead. This is a Chinese drama series. Represented on bilibili. It is a very engaging drama. A romantic comedy with its perks. Showing some cooking skills.

The upcoming episode will release this week. Fans are highly waiting for this. It has its suspense. And a quirky level of drama.

It will be available in both languages. Nearly every week it releases its episodes.

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