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Digimon ghost game episode 39 – updates news and information

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The storyline

The story is written by Masashi Sogo. And that’s the same writer for all the other parts.

The series began in 2021. In its first season. It is the ninth part of the version. A new type of internet trend has emerged. Hologram ghosts and people seem to be unaware.

Hiro a school goer uses his father’s device. Which is called digivice. Is a prototype to make creatures. Those who are not visible to everyone.


Are only to be seen by him. Events turn strange when he meets Gammamon. These hologram ghosts are everywhere. And keeps on targetting human life.

On the other hand, there is a parallel world. A world of these creatures. Now the adventure begins. When Hiro and his friends dive into these.

Flashback of episode 38 – The diviner

During the Kamakura festival.  Hiro is set to play in the drama. The character is named to be in the Hoga clan. He then meets doumon. A new Digimon character.

It turns hiro into a vessel of the king of hoga clan. Duomon is making an army of death reapers. Gammamon finds epsimon in his search. He then disappeared with a card from hiro.

Contagion island – episode 39

As mentioned earlier, episode 39 is going to follow the same pattern. Our heroes will somehow get involved with this new Digimon. And they will do their best to stop it and make Digimon a good guy.

But unlike the last episode, we will Riru and Kyo along with Hiro in Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39. New Digimon will appear bearing new powers.

This episode will release on 20 August. In Japanese and English language. Locally it will be available on Japanese channels. Worldwide it will be available on Crunchyroll.

This is going to be a special episode. As it is confirmed by the creators.

The cast

As it is a world of fantasy with a pinch of science. Also, the Digimon are highly involved with humans. Ruri Hiro and Kiyoshiro are humans. Gammamon duomon and jellymon are digimons.

The series is a long-running drama. It has its previous parts. The makers are the same running the franchise.

The manga is also available on the net. With both translations. The series is also available with other parts on Crunchyroll.

Digimon adventure with 2 seasons. With 50 plus episodes. Digimon tamer with 52 episodes. Also Digimon frontier and fusion with 50 episodes each.

Digimon fusion and universe were the most recent ones with 79 episodes. And again with this counterpart.

It has a running time of 50 mins. The manga has 4 volumes. First launched in 2010. Till the very last in 2012. This is reviewed mostly nicely by fans.

Audiences seem to like the fusion of two worlds. This parallel running scenario creates a new image. Of the relationship between human and nonhuman creatures.



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